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If you’re a Harry Potter fan who has been jonesing for new on-screen Potter content, we’ve got some great news for you. According to The Hollywood Reporter, streaming service HBO Max is working on a Harry Potter-themed action adventure series. While it’s still in early development, inside sources have released enough information to get fans excited. Unnamed sources told the publication that HBO Max executives have been in preliminary talks with potential writers to bring the Potterverse to a TV near you. However, the Warner Media-owned company isn’t saying a word, telling the publication in an official statement that “There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform.”  

It makes sense that HBO Max would be looking to capitalize on the popularity of Harry Potter, since it did extremely well at the box office. The Conversation reports it made $8.5 billion in the U.S. And while talks of a series are clearly in the very early stages, it hasn’t stopped fans from leaping with joy and also sharing what they think the story line should be.

Fans react to news of a possible Harry Potter television series

In response to The Hollywood Reporter‘s tweet about the story, one fan said, “If this happens, it needs to be fresh stories and new characters. A completely different time period would be great.” While another suggested, “I think the most intriguing storyline to explore would be Voldemort’s rise to power. It could show the lives of Tom Riddle and the Marauders (also pre-Death Eaters) at Hogwarts, and the timelines would converge in the final season.” 

Other fans had different ideas. One tweeted, “I’m sure they’ll do new characters, but I wouldn’t hate getting a redo of the books, expanded. A season per book. Marauders flashbacks, pre-Harry days when Voldemort was powerful. That’d tickle my fancy more than new stories.” And another said, “I love the Harry Potter play that took place twenty years later. They need to do Harry Potter fam as grown ups to make this viable.”

In response to the part of The Hollywood Reporter‘s article that stated HBO Max hasn’t admitted to working on such a series, one person said what many fans seem to be thinking and hoping, tweeting, “That’s what studios say every time as It’s still in early development.”

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