Jennifer Lopez Is "Washing Her Hands" of Alex Rodriguez and Is "Done Dealing" with Him

In case you’re wondering what the vibe is like between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, she. is. done.

No literally, a source just told Us Weekly that “Jennifer is done dealing with Alex,” adding that “she’s washing her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner. Her management team and her lawyers will be talking to his [team] to tie up any loose ends.”

This is a change from the original statement the couple released announcing their split, where they said they’d keep working together in their “shared businesses and projects”:

Us Weekly notes that on top of a real estate portfolio, the couple are investors in several companies. But apparently J.Lo’s willing to do whatever it takes to cut ties.

“She will have to sell her side of the company or buy him out,” the source said. “She doesn’t care about how it goes down, just that she is free of the ties to him. She knows it’s [only] fair to Ben.

Over the weekend, J.Lo unfollowed A-Rod on social media and deleted their photos together—so, yep, looks like she’s committed to moving onto the next chapter of her life.

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