Jeremy Renner Opens Up About Snow Plow Accident In Emotional First Interview

jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner says he’d go through his horrific snow plow accident experience again, if it meant saving his family … getting emotional while opening up for the first time about the January 1, near-fatal accident.

The “Hawkeye” actor is laying it all out there in a trailer for his April 6 interview with Diane Sawyer … saying without a doubt his frightening ordeal is something he’d tackle again, explaining how the plow was coming straight for his nephew — who also tells his story.

Jeremy’s nephew says he believed his uncle was dead when he first saw him, lying in a pool of blood coming from his head. Diane goes on to list the shocking number of injuries J.R. suffered, with the actor saying he had no clue how he’d look coming out of all this.

He also starts to shed a few tears, recalling the time he told his family he was sorry in sign language.

BTW, Jeremy’s in incredible shape just a few months after the freak accident — the teaser also highlights his strong determination to get back on his feet as fast as possible.

As we reported, Jeremy was attempting to stop the Snowcat from hitting his nephew, but the emergency brake wasn’t engaged according to the redacted police report … resulting in the vehicle sliding and running him over.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy gave an update to fans a couple of weeks after getting crushed, saying his 30 broken bokes would “grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens.”

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