Kate Garraway ‘can never switch off’ says pal as husband Derek hit with ‘more issues’

Kate Garraway says Derek is an 'extreme example' of long Covid

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Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper is currently under the care of health professionals at home, following a year-long battle with coronavirus. The deadly disease led to further health complications including holes in his heart and lungs.

Clare, 51, has said her friend can “never switch off” as she juggles life as mum, presenter and carer for her husband.

The presenter praised Kate, 54, for being “incredible” throughout the process “even more so since Derek has been home”.

She added to Closer Magazine: “She’s on the go all the time, and has been physically and mentally pushed to the extreme this last year and a half.

“So a chance to go out to the theatre – something she and the kids love – was wonderful for her.”

“However, it was bittersweet, as Kate can never switch off from what’s happening.”

“I know she would have had a hotline to the house at all times and her focus would have been on Derek,” she continued.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has changed much of her family home around to make it more accessible for Derek.

The 53-year-old former lobbyist returned home in April after his year-long health battle.

Despite him now being back with his loved ones and having round-the-clock care, Kate has been told he might not fully recover.

The couple live at their London home with children; Darcey, 14 and Billy, 11.

The presenter penned a book during the pandemic documenting her husband’s ordeal and how it affected the family.

Recalling a conversation with a doctor, she wrote: “[He said] ‘I think it’s fair to say if he is still like this after two years we will know there is very little chance of him making any meaningful recovery’.”

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On her reaction, she penned: “Up until now I had been living by the minute, hours on the phone monitoring infection levels and statistics, trying to get a handle on where Derek was, wondering every time I went to sleep if he would still be alive in the morning.

“How could I go on like this for another two years?

“Worse still, how could Derek be trapped like this for two years?

“The timescale winded me and I’m sure I must have slumped a bit in the chair.”

Kate enjoyed her first night out since Derek’s ordeal at the West End opening of Wonderville at the Palace Theatre, earlier this month.

The presenter said it was “hard” leaving her spouse particularly because he loves magic.

She added it wasn’t possible for him to attend an event as of yet, but hoped he could in the future.

Most recently, she revealed he had suffered from more issues which stemmed from the virus in recent weeks.

“Initially, it was a bit of exhaustion and now it seems to be more of them presenting,” she said on Good Morning Britain.

Dr Khan added of long-covid effects: “That’s absolutely right. The symptoms can be mild in some and very, very severe in others.”

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