Katie Price shows off surgery scar and issues warning to fans over lip filler

Katie Price, who has become rather infamous for her numerous cosmetic procedures, has warned her fans away from going under the knife.

The former glamour model, 45, has had a variety of surgeries over the years, including at least 16 boob jobs, bum lifts, and facelifts including filler and Botox.

However, she has now warned her fans away from following in her footsteps. During a Facebook live session, a fan named Debbie asked if Katie would recommend a "lip flip" procedure.

To this, Katie responded with a firm: "No. Don't do it Debbie" before revealing that she had undergone the procedure herself.

Katie then showed off her scarred lip as she continued to express her dislike for the cosmetic procedure.

This month, Katie underwent surgery for 'Russian doll lips', a procedure that involves more filler so that her lips now touch her nose when she pouts.

She visited Lift Aesthetics clinic for the procedure and shared a clip of the process and the end results on social media.

In the video, she said: "Here we go! I've got my new Russian doll lips done from when Ellie dissolved them…

"I'm having to keep topping them up obviously because of where she dissolved them, and I love it!" She blew a kiss to the camera and added: "They can even touch my nose! Love it!"

The month before, she flaunted her "3D lips" as she posted a video on Instagram showing her getting needles inserted into her lips during lunchtime.

She told fans mid-injection: "So this is what we do in our lunch time. Needles in the lips". She also showed off the results, saying: "I am loving my new lips, look at them. I love them."

And despite warning her fans away from surgery, Katie previously told OK! that she will “definitely have more work done”.

"When I’m older, I’ll be transparent!" she joked. "Who knows what I’ll be changing next? I haven’t decided yet. My mum always tells me that I’m stupid and I don’t need anything done."

Katie continued: "But I’m in my 40s now, I’ll be 50 in five years, and I’ll keep doing what I want to myself because I’m a responsible adult."

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