Kelly Clarkson Awarded Almost Everything in Divorce After Judge Enforces Prenup

Last year, Kelly Clarkson filed to divorce her husband of seven years.

Now it’s over, with Kelly paying a hefty amount of support every month to her ex-husband.

But not everything has gone Brandon Blackstock’s way during the division of assets.

The court has upheld their prenup … and awarded a sizable Montana property to Kelly, not to him.

On Thursday, August 12, TMZ reported on how the division of property went between Kelly Clarkson and her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Most of the former couple’s assets have been awarded to Kelly.

That includes a ranch in Montana where her ex-husband has been living.

Earlier this week, Kelly filed documents with the court describing her intentions.

She stated her aim to sell the ranch, citing it as a “financial burden.”

At the time, that request was denied so long as Brandon continued to make the necessary payments to maintain the ranch.

Months ago, Brandon testified to the court that he aspires to work as a full-time rancher.

This would mean leaving behind his established career as a music manager in the entertainment industry.

According to what he said in court, he has made significant and conscious changes and plans in order to pivot in this way.

TMZ reports that Kelly was on the set of The Voice on Wednesday when she was notified of the court’s new decision.

The prenuptial agreement signed by both parties is being upheld by the judge.

Brandon had asked that it be set aside, that they split the value of all marital property equally including money earned by Kelly since they married.

Instead, the court is handing basically everything to Kelly, as she was the primary breadwinner.

Given that this includes the ranch in Montana where Brandon has been living, it seems that the court’s previous order no longer stands.

Kelly will likely very soon be free to sell the property as she sees fit.

Given that Kelly reportedly let out a scream of joy upon the news, this doesn’t feel like the kind of divorce where she’ll simply sell to Brandon at a generously low price.

She is already paying him nearly $200,000 per month in support.

Though that is a large amount, Brandon reportedly sought something in the neighborhood of twice that figure.

A little under $50,000 per month is child support for his time with their two children.

They share two young children, one 5 and one 7, though Kelly has primary custody.

The rest of the montly payments — $150,000 per month — is in accordance with a temporary order of spousal support.

There is a lot to be said about how divorces play out and how there are often “winners” and “losers” where once there was genuine love.

It’s a complicated system to deal with a host of complicated situations.

Sometimes, one spouse is genuinely bad. Other times, love turns to bitterness and both parties lash out in pain.

For Kelly and Brandon, it appears that they simply grew apart over time.

That was worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

As we all know, some of us were very lucky in our living situations. Others found themselves more miserable than ever.

When you’re a pair of busy professionals, it can be easy to ignore some problems at home.

When you suddenly find yourselves occupying the same house (no matter how massive) and rarely leaving it, those quiet problems come to a boil.

Reportedly, the ways in which they had grown apart were impossible to ignore or work through, and the marriage ended.

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