Kelsey Parker breaks silence on boyfriend’s jail stint saying ‘everyone has a past’

Kelsey Parker has broken her silence on her boyfriend’s jail history, saying "everyone has a past".

The 32 year old mum-of-two was left heartbroken last year after her husband, The Wanted star Tom Parker, tragically passed away from brain cancer, aged just 33.

Kelsey is now in a relationship with 39-year-old Sean, who is an electrician. He spent four years in jail from 2013, after getting into a fight and punching Shaun McDermott outside a pub in Romford, Essex.

Shaun later died of his injuries.

For the first time, Kelsey, who is mum to daughter Aurelia, four, and two year old son Bodhi, has spoken about her new relationship.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: “Everyone has a past and Sean has a lot of remorse for what happened. That’s his journey. Sean has kids now, his life has moved forward. It was the biggest mistake he’s made and he’s paid the price.”

Speaking about a potential future with the electrician, she said: “Can I see a future with Sean? Who knows what the future holds. I’m living in the now and the present, and it’s going really well.”

Kelsey has written an autobiography called With and Without You, which sees her delve into details about her first 12 months without Tom.

She spoke about Sean in the book, as she admitted she was 'conscious' about what people would think of her dating after Tom's death.

Kelsey wrote: “Tom’s diagnosis to death might have been cruelly quick and everything over the last two years had been like a tornado but in more recent weeks and months, time had felt like it was standing still.

"I felt so ready to escape it all and Sean gave me the chance to do that but I wasn’t ready to admit I was seeing someone. I was conscious of what other people would think, how others would be hurt. Sean was fine not to put a label on what we had and that was important to me. I couldn’t rush into anything new. I didn’t need to look too far into the future. If Tom’s untimely and tragic death had taught me anything it was to live for every day.”

Kelsey and Sean started dating last year after meeting at a wedding, but they went on to split after five months – only to reunite later when they ran into each other at another wedding.

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