Kerry Katona praises Danielle Lloyd for relaunching OnlyFans after giving birth

Kerry Katona has praised mum-of-five Danielle Lloyd for relaunching her OnlyFans account shortly after giving birth to her baby girl, Autumn Rose. Writing in her weekly new! column, the former Atomic Kitten singer celebrated Danielle's "incredible figure," adding that she "looks great."

Here, she also discusses her latest stint at the panto, Jodie Kidd's engagement and what she thinks of the government. Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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Yummy Mummy

Danielle Lloyd has relaunched her OnlyFans account and has been showing off her incredible figure weeks after giving birth. Good for her! She looks bloody great.

Just because she’s had a baby doesn’t mean she isn’t sexy. Women are allowed to be mums and work at the same time. Why the hell shouldn’t we be able to have it all? Men go back to work quickly, so why can’t we?

Also, it’s not like she’s going to the office and leaving a newborn for hours on end at home, as she can take selfies in the comfort of her own home. Fair play to you, Danielle!

It's Panto Season

I’m currently in rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty and it’s going really well so far. The whole cast is lovely and we’re having so much fun. I’m working alongside Bruce Jones, who played Les Battersby in Coronation Street.

I said last week I was feeling a bit down about leaving home, but I always feel like that. Now that I’m here, I’m all good! I love performing and I love being on stage. you can get your tickets at

As I’m away for the whole month, I’ve had to be really organised with my Christmas shopping, which is what it’s like every year because of panto. So I've already got everything for the kids. They’re really excited – there’s not long to go now!

I'm Far From Broody

I enjoyed some lovely baby cuddles during rehearsals last week. My co-star Kate Salmon, who is playing the fairy godmother and is also our director, has just had twins and she brought them with her.

I’ve known Kate for years. We both met our partners online at the same time – and they’re both toyboys called Ryan. What are the chances?!

I must admit though, it hasn’t made me feel broody in the slightest. The thought of doing all of that again does not appeal to me one bit. I’ve said that if I’m going to do it again, I’ll do it because I know it’s what Ryan wants.

Obviously, I would love the baby 100 per cent, but if I could get away with not doing it, I’ll be honest, I would! I like having the freedom to go out with Ryan and not worrying about getting a babysitter.


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Congrats Jodie Kidd

I want to say a massive congratulations to Jodie Kidd, who has announced she’s engaged. I filmed Celebrity Trash Monsters with Jodie and she’s one of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and getting to know.

I wish her all the best and a lifetime of happiness. It’s going to be her third wedding. Speaking from experience, my only advice is don’t get divorced. Ha!

Our Government Is A Shambles

The government is facing a huge backlash after claims that a Christmas party was held in No10 during lockdown last year. What a p*ss take!

I have no trust in the government whatsoever and I don’t believe anything they say. How are we supposed to follow rules when they don’t even follow them themselves?

I have no faith in them – they’re the biggest laughing stock in the world. The way Boris Johnson has handled the whole pandemic is a disgrace.

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