Kerry Katona – ‘Robbie’s documentary was triggering, people didn’t care about mental health back then’ – Kerry Katona

Robbie Williams has taken a trip down memory lane with the release of his eponymous documentary hitting Netflix last week. The four-part limited series explored his rise to fame and struggles once he achieved it.

Watching the series, columnist Kerry Katona admits that it was 'triggering' at times, taking her back to being in the limelight as part of pop group Atomic Kitten around a similar time.

Alongside the flash back, the mother-of-five also shares how youngest daughter DJ, nine, has been watching back Kerry's old music videos. And it's Christmas time in the Katona household too, with the star boasting four trees that are up already for the holiday.

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Rob Took Me Back In Time

I’ve been watching Robbie Williams’ new documentary and I’m really enjoying it. I really like how honest he is and he shares how much he struggled in the early days of his career. It takes me back to being in showbiz in the late 1990s. Atomic Kitten wasn’t near the same level of success as Take That but I know that it was a really tough time to be in the public eye. People didn’t care about mental health and struggles as much back then. I find it really relatable to watch, but also quite triggering at some points too to remember what it was like and the lack of support available at that time. I feel for Robbie.

Christmas has come early

My Christmas decorations are all up and I’m in love with them! We have four trees, they’re so beautiful, but I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to brag because I know times are so hard right now. I’m trying to tell the kids that some people don’t have a tree and make sure we are mindful – but I have worked hard for what we have. I look back at my own childhood and where I am now and it makes me so happy that I can decorate the house and do this for my children to have these memories. A company called Decorators For Christmas came to the house and put all the trees and decorations up – they were amazing. Then I went around and added my own touches afterwards. I’m going to be so busy next month, so I’m taking the time in the next few weeks to enjoy it and spend time at home.

New love for Louise

Louise Redknapp has gone official with her new partner and I’m really happy for her. There’s a nine-year age difference between them, which is quite similar to me and Ryan – I don’t think you notice it at all. Louise is so lovely and I’m glad she’s found someone who can make her happy. I respect that she took her time and didn’t rush into anything either after splitting from Jamie. She’s done things the right way for her.

Teaching DJ about my past

While I was putting up the decorations this week, my song Cradle and its music video from 23 years ago randomly came on and I decided to record it for DJ. She had never seen anything from my Atomic Kitten days or any music videos. I wasn’t sure if she would be bothered but she loved it. It was so nice to be able to show her what I was like back then and she was over the moon to see it. She even told one of her friends we were her favourite band – and watched my old Iceland adverts! DJ isn’t much of a performer like me and my other girls, she’s definitely quieter. But I love that about her because she has her own little personality. It’s really cute.

Sophie is moving on

I’ve noticed that Sophie Turner has been getting some backlash after she was seen kissing another man following her split from husband Joe Jonas, and I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t like how she is being mum-shamed for trying to move on – they have two daughters and both have the responsibility to co-parent them. Women always get shamed for going out and having fun, men can do it freely. It was the same when I split from my first husband – everyone shamed me for enjoying myself, but not him.

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