Loki<\/em> Introduced Alioth, a Nearly Invincible Monster, to the MCU

Loki is leading up to something. And it’s big. How big, you ask? Bigger than the nearly unbeatable gray cloud the characters faced in episode 5. If you hadn’t heard the name Alioth before, you wouldn’t be alone. The villain hasn’t been in the comics since 2010’s Avengers Assemble Vol. 1.

With his introduction to the MCU, Alioth gets us one step closer to Kang the Conqueror, and is strong enough he could return as an enemy in other Marvel projects. Read below to learn all about the monster so powerful time itself can’t keep him contained.

Is Alioth from Loki in the Marvel Comics?

Episode 5 of Loki took Alioth directly from the comics. Introduced in 1993’s Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #1, Alioth is the first being to ever break from the limits of time. His kingdom (if you call a destructive shadow mass a kingdom) is larger than Kang the Conqueror’s lands. Alioth captures dimensions and their timelines. By absorbing time travelers and their timelines, Alioth grows in size and power.

There’s no known source of Alioth’s power or where he came from. Characters can’t travel to any time before Alioth, and all we know is he existed before the rise of man. There’s just no telling how far back Alioth’s reign goes.

In Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #1-4, Kang dies and Ravonna Renslayer (who is a Princess of Earth in the comics) accidentally releases Alioth, who breaks through the barrier keeping him from invading Kang’s lands. Ravonna teams up with her future self (aka Terminatrix) and the Avengers to go head to head against Alioth.

The team revives Kang, who then releases a Chrono Key onto Alioth. The Chrono Key is an alias for the character Tempus, an immortal being who is able to match Alioth’s power. The two are locked in a stalemate until 1999’s Avengers Forever #9, when Kang goes back to his villainous ways and weakens Tempus’ power enough for Alioth to break the stalemate and invade the dominion of the Congress of Realities, a ruling body similar to the TVA which keeps realities in check and prevents nexus events.

But then what’s Alioth’s deal in the Loki show?

Of course, Alioth’s isn’t invincible, as shown in Loki. He and Sylvie manage to enchant Alioth long enough to break from the void they’re trapped in and continue their search for the Timekeepers.

With the shadowy enemy still alive, he could return to threaten Sylvie and Loki in the final episode, or help finally introduce Kang the Conqueror, who has a kingdom adjacent to Alioth in the comics. With no post-credits scene in episode 5, Marvel is keeping the final episode of Loki under lock and key.

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