Love Island’s Toby ‘nervous’ as he confesses passionate kiss with Chloe to Kaz

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After last night’s episode of Love Island saw Toby heading to the balcony with Chloe for a chat that ended in a kiss, it seems Toby is feeling guilty.

Toby is set to pull Kaz aside for a chat at the fire pit tonight where he will confess all to her.

Ahead of his confession, Toby will be seen in the Beach Hut discussing how he’s feeling about being honest with Kaz.

Toby says: “A part of me is definitely nervous to speak to Kaz because the way I progressed with Kaz was very slow. But with Chloe it went zero to hundred miles per hour.”

Soon after Toby will be speaking to Kaz about the incident, saying: “I was speaking to her and it’s just good. It’s led to somewhere. I feel like it’s more than friends. We have kissed outside the challenge.”

Kaz replies: “You kissed? As in today or yesterday?”

Toby admits: “I kissed her last night. Yesterday, with everything happening I thought it would be best to tell you today.”

It’s uncertain how Kaz will respond to the news that Toby and Chloe kissed the night prior.

Last night’s episode of the show saw tension rising to boiling point as Chloe admitted to having a soft spot for Toby after he recently decided to commit to seeing how things go with partner Kaz.

Kaz ended up calling Chloe a “snake in the grass” after the blonde kissed him during the challenge, with Toby speaking to the boys about his feelings for Kaz afterwards, admitting there was “no sexual attraction” to her.

Toby ended up telling Kaz that he would like to get to know Chloe before he took Chloe to the balcony for a chat, with the pair then sharing a kiss.

With a new boy in the villa though, Kaz may be interested in moving on from Toby after his actions and pursuing the 26 year old financial consultant Teddy from Manchester.

Teddy has made it clear he’s willing to “step on toes” to get what he wants and said that “they’re going to have to get used to me stirring a few pots and causing a bit of a ruckus.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm

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