Man Arrested For Heckling Prince Andrew at Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Procession

Prince Andrew was the target of a heckler during Queen Elizabeth‘s funeral procession, taking some nasty insults before police intervened.

The Queen’s funeral cortege passed through the streets of Edinburgh Monday, as Andrew was among the men walking behind QEII’s casket.

Eventually, police grabbed the 22-year-old heckler … he’s reportedly been arrested for a breach of the peace, aka disturbing the peace.

Prince Andrew Settles Sexual Abuse Lawsuit With Epstein Victim Virginia Giuffre

That’s when the heckler unloaded, shouting, “Andrew, you’re a sick old man!”

As you know, there’s been lots of drama surrounding Prince Andrew.

He settled a lawsuit back in February … after a woman named Virginia Giuffre claimed he had sex with her 3 times when she was still a minor, something he categorically denied.

The prince also was believed to have ties to convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and her associate Jeffrey Epstein.

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