Martin Roberts has ‘second chance’ at life after health scare left him ‘hours from death’

Martin Roberts reveals he’s been discharged

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Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts has opened up on his recent health scare after being rushed to hospital with “hours to live”. In a new interview, the star, 58, candidly spoke about undergoing emergency surgery to save his life after experiencing worsening chest pains after fluid gathered around his heart.

I could have died but I’m here

Martin Roberts

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Martin was rushed to hospital after suffering from chest pains.

The property star underwent emergency surgery to save his life after fluid had gathered around his heart.

Addressing his experience, Martin said: “I feel so very lucky to be here. I could have died but I’m here.

“I’ll never be the same person again.”

The star added that he’s “determined” to make it to 20 years presenting popular BBC show Homes Under The Hammer next year.

Martin went on: “There are still so many things I want to achieve, but I know I have to take things slowly from now on.

“I can’t and don’t want to return to the frantic life I led before.

“I’ve been given a second chance and I don’t intend to waste it,” he told The Sun.

Before being rushed to hospital, the star told how he had been experiencing symptoms for weeks.

But it was only over the Easter weekend that he was taken to hospital as his symptoms worsened.

The star went on to share that his chest felt “heavy” and he felt “exhausted”.

Martin also revealed that he would feel out of breath just from walking up stairs.

However, the property expert explained how he put it down to long Covid, despite his symptoms getting worse.

Once in hospital, the star told how he was seen quickly and diagnosed with a condition called pericardial effusion.

Martin’s heart lining was inflamed and filled with fluid that was putting pressure on the vital organ.

The NHS website states that the condition often occurs following a viral infection, such as after a sore throat or cold.

Martin told how he only found out after his life-saving op, that his kidneys and liver were operating at less than half their usual function.

He went on to tell how he plans to spend more family time with his wife Kirsty, 53, and children, Scott, 14 and Megan, 12.

Following his emergency surgery, Martin took to Instagram to share an update with his 20,000 followers, as he thanked the surgeons and medical team who had cared for him while watching Homes Under The Hammer in his hospital room.

During the procedure to save his life, Martin told how he watched a medical team “draw out syringe after syringe after syringe of liquid” from around his heart with an eight-inch needle.

He said: “I was awake for this, but I was a bit woozy. There was a tube that went in through my chest cavity, down into the sack around my heart,” he told OK! Magazine.

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