Marvel Fans Think One of These 8 Villains Will Show Up in the Loki<\/em> Finale

There’s just one episode left of Loki, Marvel Studios’ time-travel-trickster drama, and there are still a whole bunch of questions in need of answers. First and foremost: who is the evil mastermind behind the TVA? In a recent video on the New Rockstars channel, Erik Voss lines up the eight most likely suspects for who the villain will be, based on clues the show has dropped, and what would make sense within the lore of Marvel Comics.

Kang the Conqueror

Since the very first episode of Loki, fans have been expecting Kang, a time-traveling antagonist from the comics, to show up. While this has led to some viewers trying to dig out Easter eggs heralding his appearance in a similar way to the Mephisto-spotting that led nowhere in WandaVision, there is at least a degree of validity here, as Jonathan Majors has been cast to play Kang in an upcoming movie in the MCU.

“There are far more clues pointing to Kang’s arrival than we ever had for Mephisto,” says Voss. “Heading into the finale, we do not have an Agatha All Along yet; there’s still some man behind the curtain.” He adds that the inclusion of Ravonna Renslayer in the series (Kang’s lover in the source material) lends credence to this possibility.

King Loki

As we head into the finale, there is footage from the trailer we haven’t seen in the show yet which depicts Loki (or some version thereof) standing in the Asgardian throne room and in Avengers Tower. Voss speculates that some heretofore-unseen Loki variant could have been the one pulling the strings at the TVA this whole time, ordering the pruning of all other Lokis so as to avoid any of his other selves threatening his dominion.


Now that Mobius has been revealed to be one of many variants (similar to how he is one of many clones in the comics), it is possible that there is another Mobius out there who has been self-aware for longer. It has been heavily hinted that Ravonna was in contact with more than one Mobius at the TVA; it sure would be a gut punch for nice guy Owen Wilson to actually play the bad guy in the finale.

Ravonna Renslayer

While Ravonna has certainly proven herself to be an antagonist in the show, it has also been made clear that she doesn’t know the full story of what’s going on at the TVA, and that she is just as hungry for answers as Loki and Sylvie, making her one of the less likely candidates on this list.


This one feels like clutching at straws, but where has the affable administrator Casey been for the last few episodes? Plotting? Perhaps.

Miss Minutes

Initially introduced as a kind of mascot-stroke-digital assistant for the TVA, Miss Minutes has definitely demonstrated a level of autonomy and an ability to think for herself over the show’s run. What’s more, actress Tara Strong, who voices the character, has hinted that there is “more to be revealed” about Miss Minutes. Watch this space.

Doctor Doom

This is definitely more of a stretch than some of the other possibilities, given that until now there have been no mentions of Victor Von Doom or any other Fantastic Four characters in the MCU. However, a number of fans have pointed out that the castle which appeared at the end of last week’s episode bore more than a passing resemblance to Doom’s fortress in the comics.

Classic Loki

Of all the Loki variants we’ve met so far, Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki was the one whose origins and motivations aligned most closely with the Loki from the original MCU timeline; he could even be seen to be that Loki, assuming his account of faking his death in Infinity War was true. If that were the case, there’s nothing to say he didn’t fake his death again in “Journey Into Mystery.” He certainly demonstrated an enormous amount of power which the other Lokis seemed shocked by. And let’s be real; we all know that when a Loki appears to die, it’s never for long.

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