Melissa McCarthy Says Hearing Halle Bailey’s Voice on ‘Little Mermaid’ Set Made Her & Others Cry

Melissa McCarthy is opening up about Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid!

The actress was on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (June 9) with husband Ben Falcone, and a fan asked her about the music in the upcoming live action movie.

“First, I’ll say, I’ll be killed for anything I say,” Melissa prefaced.

Find out what she said about Halle inside…

“Secondly, we were on set and they just started playing Halle’s version of the song. I had a truly, really, not weird reaction, just overwhelming,” she continued. “It’s so beautiful and it’s from such a place, like it’s just different.”

“That girl has got roots down and like she sings from her heart, and when I heard it, there were like seven of us that just burst out crying because we had not heard it,” Melissa said. “It’s really, she’s a remarkable young woman, in every moment. How she is on set, how she is as a person, and I burst out crying and then now, I realized I was like, now she’s just thinking there’s a really old woman in front of me crying and this is weird. I couldn’t keep it together.”

See how Halle reacted to Melissa‘s comments below!

As for the songs, Melissa assures, “All of your familiars are there. Maybe there’s a new friend, I can’t say. I don’t want a mouse to kill me. It’s a dream.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda has previously confirmed what to expect from the music in the movie…

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This was Halle‘s favorite song to sing in the upcoming live action The Little Mermaid.

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