Nicola McLean says Wagatha trial has ‘strengthened Jamie and Rebekah’s marriage’

I think Rebekah came across well in court. I really admire how unapologetically herself she was. She’s admitted the mistakes she’s made in the past, like the Peter Andre stuff.

I wouldn’t want my past dragged up in court, but I think Rebekah feels like she’s in the right and it’s a price she’s willing to pay.

How Rebekah stood on that stand for four days and took that abuse I’ll never know. Yes, she cried, but she’s proved herself to be incredibly strong and ballsy – whatever the outcome. I like to think I’m a strong woman, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that.

There’s always a good cop and a bad cop. In my opinion, Rebekah went into this as
the bad guy and that’s not going to change. Even from when she was in the [I’m a Celebrity…] jungle, I think Rebekah was seen by the public as a hard-faced bully, whereas I saw a strong confident woman. The public made up their minds about Rebekah a long time ago and I don’t think the trial has changed that.

The public don’t see the real Rebekah, who is a thoughtful, nice girl. She never forgets a birthday, she’s so generous.

Coleen and Rebekah have both suffered and there are no winners here. But if the worst thing someone can say about Rebekah is that she’s sold a story that Coleen’s basement has flooded, then I don’t think that’s too awful. And I’m not saying she did do that.

But Rebekah had people trolling her, saying they hoped her unborn child died inside her. It feels very unfair.

The suggestion that Rebekah and Jamie will run away to America after the verdict is laughable. There’s no way she’d take her kids out of their schools at such a crucial time. The truth of it is that Jamie has a minor share in a football club in New York, so at the end of the season they’ll go there. But England will always be their home.

People think Jamie wasn’t in court every day because he’s not behind Rebekah 100%. But he had football stuff on. Wayne didn’t, so he was able to be with Coleen.

But Jamie stands by Rebekah completely, as he proved when he said Wayne’s statement was nonsense. Like all of us, Jamie wishes the trial hadn’t got so far. But the case, if anything, has strengthened their marriage.

They completely adore each other – they’re really rock solid as a couple – and he wants Rebekah to clear her name.

I think the world of the WAGs was done a long time ago. The glory days were when Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Alex Gerrard were walking down the street in the most god-awful outfits that we all desperately tried to copy. But it’s not been fun like that for a long time, so the case hasn’t ruined anything.

If Coleen is found not guilty then I don’t think much will change for Rebekah. She never did much stuff in the public eye anyway, so it’s not like she’ll
lose loads of work. Jamie and Rebekah don’t have a nanny or any help around the house – she even does her own ironing. Their lives are very normal, so I don’t think the verdict will change anything for them day-to-day.

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