Pantera Pull Out Of Aftershock 2023, To Be Replaced By Stone Temple Pilots

Pantera have announced they are pulling out of Aftershock 2023 due to circumstances beyond their control.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be unable to perform at this year’s edition of Aftershock next month,” the band said in a statement without elaborating on the reason for canceling their Aftershock performance this year.

“This event is monumental and it pains us to have to miss it. We will however be back for Aftershock 2024,” they added. “A sincere thank you to Danny Wimmer Presents as well as fans around the globe who’ve supported the 2023 Pantera celebration.”

Pantera were originally scheduled to perform at Aftershock on October 7.

They will be replaced by Stone Temple Pilots at the rock festival, which is set be held during October 5-8 at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California.

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