Paris Fury reveals sister was left with brain damage after developing whooping cough

Paris Fury has shared how her sister Romain was left with brain damage after developing whooping cough as a baby.

The star shares the heartbreaking story in her new memoir Love and Fury, which gives an insight on what life is like with the heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, AKA The Gypsy King, and their six children.

In the book, she opens up on family life and reveals her now 36 year old sister has the mental capacity of a “five year old” after contracting the illness when she was six weeks old.

In an extract of the memoir published by The Sun, Paris explains: “At just six weeks old, she contracted whooping cough – a fairly common but highly contagious bacterial disease – and spent a lot of time in and out of Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

“Her case was more severe than most, sadly, and led to serious breathing difficulties that ultimately and tragically caused damage to her brain.”

Whooping cough is a bacterial infection of the lungs and breathing tubes and can cause complications such as dehydration, breathing difficulties, pneumonia and seizures in young babies.

Paris revealed that doctors told her parents that Romain would have full physical capabilities, but they were unsure whether she'd suffered any brain damage from the illness.

However, when she approached primary school age, Romain's development stalled.

In the book Paris continued: “During a hospital appointment Mam and Dad were given the sad news that, in all likelihood, their daughter would forever have the mental capacity of a five-year-old.”

She also added that Romain still lives with her parents and that the experience made her realise the importance of her family, with her and her siblings enjoying a happy and safe childhood.

Paris praised her mother’s commitment to her children, adding: “On reflection, having a sister with disabilities helped me to grow up faster, I think, certainly in comparison with other children my age.

"Because of Romain I knew that life wasn’t always plain sailing, and that challenges could appear just when you least expected them.”

Paris has three siblings – a brother and two sisters; Romain, who is the oldest of the four children at age 36 – and Montana.

She shares six children with husband Tyson Fury – sons Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson II, four, Prince Adonis, two, and daughters Venezuela, 12, Valencia, three, and Athena, two months.

Paris' memoir, which is out now, sees the star write about Tyson's struggles with depression, OCD and how she copes with being a mother to their six children.

It comes after Paris recently opened up to OK! about her husband's mental health struggles, saying: "There were times where I wanted to curl up and forget the whole thing but you can’t. As a woman, a mother, and a wife, I just felt the need to stay strong."

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