Porsha Williams Spills The Details About Her Upcoming Wedding

Real Housewife Porsha Williams is used to the drama. The actor and TV personality has been a cast member on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” franchise since 2012, according to ScreenRant. While fans love the popular show for the drama-filled friendships between frenemies, no one suspected the latest scandal involving two of the franchise’s stars.

Porsha upended the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” community and fanbase with the unexpected news of her engagement to Simon Guobadia, reported Entertainment Tonight. Though this news may seem innocuous, there’s even more drama behind it. Why? Well, Simon just so happens to be the estranged husband of Real Housewife Falynn Guobadia.

“Our relationship began a month ago—yes we are crazy in love,” Porsha captioned on an Instagram post of her and Simon. “I know it’s fast but we are living life each day to its fullest. I choose happiness every morning and every night. Tuning out all negative energy and only focused on positive wishes. He makes me so happy and to me, that is what matters most.”

The timing may seem off, but according to Porsha, Simon and Falynn’s marriage ended in January 2021, and she only began seeing Simon in April. Now, Porsha and Simon are seeing wedding bells, so what are the plans for their upcoming nuptials? Read on to find out!

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia are having three weddings

Even with all the controversy surrounding her most recent romantic relationship, Porsha Williams is living her best life and is enjoying the wedding planning. There’s no telling whether her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Falynn Guobadia will be in attendance, but Porsha is still planning to have an epic wedding for herself and her new man.

The actor and Pampered By Porsha entrepreneur even took to her “Dish Nation” co-hosting gig to talk about all the future wedding details. When asked whether she would be doing most of the planning, Porsha responded, “[Simon] did say ‘Oh babe, it’s okay. Just do whatever you want. It’s your day. I want you to experience it all.’ So yeah, I think he kind of put it all on me…”

While the Real Housewife and Guobadia won’t necessarily have a themed wedding, “[Simon’s] African, so we’re gonna have a native law custom ceremony, and a regular wedding, and then we’re gonna have another wedding at one of the houses that are out of the country.” Yes, you counted correctly: That’s three wedding ceremonies.

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