Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Desperately 'Learning To Lighten Up A Bit' After Rough Few Months

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready for the next chapter!

According to a new Us Weekly source on Wednesday, the royal couple is “more refreshed than ever” after getting through a super bumpy year — and they hope for only better things in the future. The insider noted that for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, “laying low really paid off” in recent months. Then, the insider added:

“They got their bearings back and are focused and recharged and ready to get back out there again.”

Of course, the pair were sent into a tailspin earlier this year when their entertainment deals were put on blast. The Suits alum even “mutually” split from Spotify after the first season of her podcast Archetypes didn’t take off as expected, ending Archewell Audio‘s pricey partnership with the streamer.

As the source put it, the negative response to Harry and Meghan’s audio exit combined with the “bad press surrounding their ‘near-catastrophic car chase‘” in New York City in May led to a “rough few months” for the co-parents. And the drama is still ongoing as Family Guy was the latest to take shots at the Archewell founders, roasting them for being lazy grifters in a new episode, something the couple didn’t think was very “nice.” LOLz!

They might hate being the butt of the joke, but the insider insisted they are trying to move past all this, noting:

“But they’re learning to lighten up a bit.”

After trying to stay out of the spotlight as their business deals blew up and they faced rumors of marriage troubles, the couple reemerged in September to appear at the Invictus Games together. They then went to NYC for World Mental Health Day before heading off on a romantic vacation. The insider shared:

“It was great to have that time together.”

Despite all the challenges of the past year, the activists are “happy,” per the insider, and already working on new projects! Without giving much away, the confidant teased:

“They’re coming up with more content and they’re very excited about what the future holds. It’s been a learning curve and their dream of making it big in Hollywood is still alive and well.”

The former Deal or No Deal briefcase girl is particularly ready to jumpstart her Hollywood “reinvention,” a second insider told the mag last month, noting it’ll be “rooted in giving back” and “philanthropy.” It’ll certainly be inneresting to see what they decide to do next…

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