Prince Harry & Prince William Haven't Spoken A WORD To Each Other: 'A Big Void'

Prince Harry and Prince William are NOT on speaking terms whatsoever amid their never-ending sibling rivalry!

According to royal expert Nick Bullen on Thursday, the brothers have not been in communication, even as the Duke of Sussex has been talking to his father King Charles III about coronation plans. The True Royalty TV editor-in-chief told Us Weekly:

“My understanding is there have been no discussions between Harry and William. That is absolutely radio silence. It’s a very big void.”

Similarly, Harry’s “extended family,” such as Princess Catherine and Queen Camilla, don’t “really feel the need to follow up with” him following the explosive memoir, Spare. Yeesh.

Nothing the new monarch has been able to do will bring his sons closer together, either, the insider continued:

“The king is doing all he can to try and keep lines of communication open. But I think it’s very much between the king and Harry, and that’s about it at the moment.”

Harry and William have been at odds for several years now, and it doesn’t help that in the past few months, the 38-year-old decided to call out the heir in his memoir, including making allegations that William physically attacked him amid a fight about Meghan Markle, among many other things. Even earlier this week, Harry’s lawyers dragged William into his legal battle against News Group Newspapers. The problems just go on, and on, and on!

Despite the tension and lack of communication, another source told the outlet the siblings “are professionals” and will keep it together next week for the coronation. They predicted:

“Obviously, they are brothers first and emotions are always there. But they know how to act in front of the cameras. They’ve been in front of them their whole life.”

While things are arguably worse than they’ve ever been between Princess Diana‘s sons, they have been able to set their issues aside in the past. The most notable time they did this was when they greeted mourners outside Windsor Castle with their wives after Queen Elizabeth II‘s death in September. They put on quite a show for anglophiles, but Kate Middleton later told a senior royal it was “one of the hardest things she’d ever had to do.”

With all the time the Prince of Wales isn’t spending catching up with the Archewell founder in London next Saturday, he will probably be imagining his own future coronation, as he has “lots of emotions” about one day inheriting the role from his father. He is looking forward to celebrating Charles’ “historic” day and anticipating his future, the confidant added:

“ means he’s one step closer to being King himself.”

With one brother savoring every moment of the festivities, the other will be dashing in and out of town as fast as possible! Harry is said to be hoping to make it home to California by the evening, in time to wish his eldest Prince Archie a happy birthday. As Perezcious readers know, Meghan will be staying home with the b-day boy and Princess Lilibet on the big day. On this decision, Nick noted:

“I think Meghan not attending is a huge relief for everybody involved. She knows that if she turns up, the story will become about her. All cameras will be trained on her to see, you know, ‘How does she look? Is there a nervousness in her eyes?’ All those things.”

He added:

“We’ll get some of that with Harry, but it would be even bigger if Meghan had been there. So, if you are being positive about Meghan, she’s done the right thing by not making herself the story.”

Her absence might help Harry get along better with his family, too, since they are all relieved his other half won’t be present. That’s not saying much at this point, though! Doesn’t sound like Harry will be chit-chatting with any of the royals if he hasn’t already. Thoughts? Do you think there is any hope for William and Harry’s relationship? Let us know (below)!

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