Prince William & Kate ‘learned something’ about image-curating from the Sussexes

Here’s my question: do you think Prince William and Kate’s staffers are good at what they do and the Keens just f–k it up, or do you think the staffers are terrible at their jobs because they’re just an extension of Will and Kate’s laziness, pettiness and copykeening? I keep coming back to the fact that seemingly no one has told Kate that it’s extremely creepy for her to Single White Female her sister-in-law (not to mention William’s side-chicks). I also think someone should have tried to convince William – a long time ago – that his jealousy of his brother is completely unhinged. William’s New York trip was blatantly about William’s attempt to copy his brother and stalk his brother in America. Bad staff work or should the blame go solely on Peg and Buttons? Hilariously, Kensington Palace staffers are always briefing their favorite outlets about how THEY are so wonderful at their jobs and that’s why W&K are so popular. That and selfies?

No doubt there are many reasons the Waleses have seen a surge in popularity. There’s the dedication to duty and the generous good humour cultivated by both William and Kate. Who wouldn’t want to meet them, singly or together? At 41, the Prince and Princess have the advantage of relative youth and three charming children, a walking advert for domesticity.

All these things and more help explain why, according to a recent MailOnline poll, William is the most popular living royal with Catherine a close second. Even the New Yorkers seem to think so, turning out in hordes for William’s solo visit last week. Only the late Queen Elizabeth is viewed as having made a more positive contribution to the monarchy than William. This is no accident.

Much thought has gone into the way that William and Kate project themselves – and not least into a highly effective media strategy based on ‘selfies’ and artful video clips made by their own in-house videographer. Available on social media soon after a royal visit, these short clips have increased the sense of accessibility and allowed the Waleses to operate more flexibly and without the encumbering retinue of journalists and cameramen that might have been expected in previous times. Is it possible that William and Kate have learned something from those skilled ‘curators’ of their own image, Harry and Meghan? It certainly looks that way.

It’s not so long, after all, since William, Kate – and, for that matter, Charles – seemed suspicious of the camera lens. The late Queen was heard to comment how disappointed she was to be greeted by a wall of camera phones rather than a sea of faces. The new generation of selfie-savvy royals seems to have no such concerns.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Is it possible that William and Kate have learned something from those skilled ‘curators’ of their own image, Harry and Meghan? It certainly looks that way.” There we go. The change in how Will and Kate approach social media, videographers, selfies and general “image-making” was dramatic as soon as Meghan came on the scene. Not even the Wales hagiographers at the Mail deny it anymore, they openly discuss the fact that Will, Kate and their staff openly copy everything the Sussexes do with their own “keen” spin. Hell, the big CEO idea was stolen from the Sussexes too. Anyway, sucks to have an heir to the throne who is too lazy to get his own ideas.

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