Princess Charlene posted her family’s Christmas card on Instagram

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If Princess Charlene was spending the Christmas holiday in Monaco with her husband and children, I’m sure the Prince’s Palace would have said so. I can only assume then that Charlene is still in an undisclosed location, a treatment center somewhere in Europe, where she is receiving treatment for as-yet undisclosed health issues. Charlene has been MIA since early December – shortly after her return to Monaco from South Africa, Albert and Charlene’s family did some kind of intervention, and she went into treatment. She also missed her children’s birthday.

So in lieu of a traditional family portrait for Christmas, Charlene’s Instagram account posted this artist’s rendering of the first family of Monaco. The artist did well with everyone but Princess Gabriella – Gabriella looks a bit different than that, but that’s a great representation of Jacques, Charlene and Albert. Especially considering it was probably done last-minute. Also: very doubtful that Charlene actually posted this. I think Albert and his people have her Instagram password and they’re fully in control of her account now.

Last week, Jacques and Gabriella passed out gifts to children alongside their aunt Stephanie. All wore masks, so at least that’s something.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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