Rochelle Humes is a doting mum on cinema date with daughters

This Morning presenter and ex-popstar Rochelle Humes took her two daughters to watch Margot Robbie's latest movie Barbie on Sunday.

Snapped in North London's Hampstead area heading towards the cinema, youngsters Valentina and Alaia-Mai were appropriately accessorised in pink-coloured garments as their mum, 34, went casual in a cardigan with white trousers and sandals.

Directed by the Oscar-nominated Greta Gerwig, Barbie takes its obvious cues from Mattel's timeless blonde doll, with Australian superstar Margot, 33, playing the eponymous character opposite Ryan Gosling's hilariously devoted Ken, as the pair must venture into the real world to track down the disenfranchised child playing with her.

One cast member Rochelle would've been stunned to witness on the big screen is Love Island's Chris Taylor, who plays one of the many Kens of Barbieland.

Exclusively revealing to OK! how he nabbed the cameo, the 32 year old said that it all began with a whole bunch of Islanders getting invited to a movie premiere afterparty by the Hollywood bombshell.

"It was really weird because she knew who we all were. She literally came over and gave me a hug and knew my name, it was really weird," recalled Chris.

"We sat down and I started talking to her and she is literally the nicest person I've probably ever met in my life."

An 'after-afterparty' subsequently unfolded that night, where Chris decided to impress Margot with a tale about a phallically-challenged friend of his.

"So I basically went down the route of telling her about my mate who's got a micropenis. I informed her of that, and we had a little chat about micropenises, which was lovely and quite funny. And then I went on to tell her about my dad's mate whose balls are so big, he can carry 12 bottles of Budweiser on his ball sack like a tray.

"So I basically just pulled out the big guns, I thought I've got to make an impression and that's what came out of my mouth… unfortunately," he added.

"Fast forward about 18 months or so, I got an email from Warner Bros – which I really checked the email on, as I didn't believe it was real."

This life-changing email requested that the Islander send in a self-tape for a role in the upcoming Barbie movie, although it was never confirmed who he'd be potentially playing.

"I think [Margot] must have [recommended him], because otherwise how exactly did I get in the film? So basically, I spoke to Margot about small penises and big balls and then got in a Hollywood film."

Attempting to describe what the pink-drenched set was like, Chris commented: "I imagine what it feels like to be a hamster that has just been bought at a pet shop by an eight year old. Excitement for the new home, but fear because your primary caregiver is a child. It was such a weird thing, I thought the whole thing was a prank, I was not prepared for it."

Barbie is out now in cinemas.

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