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DEIDRE SAYS: We’ve all heard the urban myth that size matters. When it comes to men’s penis size, we’re culturally, ahem, hung up.

In fact, as many as 45% of men believe their penis is too small, according to research referenced by Lloyds Pharmacy. 

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But genuinely, size doesn’t matter. As any considerate and passionate man will know.

Talking about sex is becoming more acceptable, but there are still plenty of sex myths clinging on. 

Below, Dear Deidre editor Sally Land calls time on eight of the most common. 

Masturbating before sex helps you last longer

This might work for some, but it is not a fool-proof plan, and the reigning champion of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Harry Johnson can vouch for that. 

Speaking on the latest episode of the Dear Deidre podcast, he said: “It doesn’t always work! 

“People say you should do it to last longer, but sometimes you’re not horny, [or] it just doesn’t work how you want it to.” 

The former tree surgeon also admitted to edging – the sexual practice of holding off right at the point of ejaculation. 

He added: “I will be honest though, after a while it hurt my stomach.”

The bigger the better 

Penis size has very little to do with satisfying sex. In fact, some people find sex with a large penis painful. 

Focus instead on stimulation and hitting the right spot. 

Small penises can’t satisfy 

A recent study showed that, while 55 per cent of men aren’t happy with their size, 85 per cent of women said they were satisfied with their partner’s penis. 

Instead of focusing on how many inches, focus on communicating with your partner. Ask them what feels good and what they need more of. 

Women don’t watch porn 

Research by adult entertainment site Pornhub shows that 16 per cent of their visitors identify as female. 

An orgasm is the only goal during sex 

No, the goal for all those involved should be enjoyable sex. 

Sometimes this comes from an orgasm, sometimes that comes from reconnecting with your partner. 

It’s never a failure if all those involved leave feeling fulfilled and satisfied. 

Some women can’t climax

All women are capable of orgasm. Although around 75 per cent of women never climax from intercourse alone. 

The experience is different for each woman, so if you're a man listen to your partner about what they need. Maybe that’s more foreplay, or connecting emotionally. 

If you’re a female, get to know your body so you can communicate well with a lover.

Bear in mind that it may also take some time and experimenting. 

Sex stops as you get older 

Sex doesn’t have to stop, ever – and research shows that 80 per cent of women aged 50 – 90 claim to still be sexually active. 

Has sex not been a priority since you had kids? Try to organise a regular date night. 

Or she is in the mood less now she’s going through the menopause? Our support pack explains why this might be, and has some tips to help. 

If he can’t get an erection, he doesn’t fancy you  

There are various reasons – psychological and physical – why your partner may be struggling to get an erection. 

Maybe he’s feeling nervous, stressed, or a new medication is affecting his ability to get hard.

Don’t assume the worst. Instead, ask what’s going on inside your partner’s head. 

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