The Palace is preparing for additional ‘bullying’ complaints about white royals, whoops

It was really funny to see how quickly so many of the petty, half-assed little smears on the Duchess of Sussex were cycled out of the tabloids. The nastiness of the Saudi earrings easily boomeranged back onto Buckingham Palace and Angela Kelly, who controls the Royal Collection jewels. Not to mention, the story boomeranged on Prince William and Prince Charles, both of whom met with Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the man who ordered the hit on Jamal Khashoggi, in 2017. The Windsors had to make that story disappear rather quickly because the peasants began wondering if this meant we could question the provenance of all of the Royal Collection jewelry as well. Oops! So it is with all of these trumped up claims that Meghan was a terrible bully to Kensington Palace staffers. The Windsors, in their half-assed, clownish haste to smear Meghan, have left themselves open to an even bigger issue. That issue? Staffers throughout all of the palaces have been bullied and abused by other royals and senior staffers.

Buckingham Palace is poised for fresh bullying complaints but they do not relate to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, reports claim. Former staff are said to be debating whether to flag examples of alleged bad behaviour inside the Royal Household in the last five years.

There are reportedly at least five people ready to come forward in what one insider branded ‘a can of worms’.

It comes as aides fear Kate Middleton could be dragged into Buckingham Palace’s investigation into bullying claims against the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan is facing accusations she drove out two PAs and ‘humiliated’ staff on several occasions, with the probe reportedly focusing on a tour of Australia in 2018. But the latest complainants are said to not have the Duchess in their sights, with their claims focused elsewhere in the Royal Household, the Sun reports.

At least five former staffers are said to be trying to decide whether to report ‘a string of’ allegations from their time serving ‘the Firm’.

The issues are said to have been reported at the time over rows between members of staff. One said: ‘There was a bullying culture existing among certain members of staff. But given the hierarchical structure people were scared to come forward.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I wonder if there were many palace aides who rather suddenly learned this month that “Palace Human Resources” actually exists and that they could file a report with Palace HR about all of the sh-t they’ve seen and been subjected to. And what happens then? Will Palace HR ask the fundamental question? “Is this about the Black duchess or not?” I really do wonder what will happen WHEN Prince Charles’ staffers and William’s staffers begin to come forward. What happens when people who work in Buckingham Palace begin to complain about how Angela Kelly treats people? I mean… yeah. So, well done, Buckingham Palace. See, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite.

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