‘They’d still quote my fee from 1995!’ Gary Oldman takes swipe at BBC over salary

The Darkest Hour: Gary Oldman on his favourite scene

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Hollywood star Gary Oldman has admitted if he was working for the BBC, he’d be unlikely to be paid very much. The Oscar-winner was discussing the difference between budgets for his BBC shows and his latest Apple TV+ series.

He’s set to appear in the new drama Slow Horses, which will be released next week.

The thriller series is based on the book of the same name written by Mick Herron.

It features Gary as Jackson Lamb, who heads up a team of British intelligence agents.

The team are described as serving in “the dumping ground department of MI5”, Slough House.

This is due to their mistakes earlier in their careers, which almost ended their time as agents.

Speaking about the new series to the latest edition of the Radio Times, Gary made a comparison with the BBC.

He explained he could feel the budget difference between the broadcasters.

Gary said: “You do feel the scale of the production.

“You get a real sense of the money. You look around thinking, ‘How much are they spending on this?’

“But it wasn’t as if we had someone knocking on the door with veal and a martini.

“It’s still cold cuts and bacon sandwiches, but they did look after us very well.”

The Darkest Hour star quipped they pay their actors more still as well.

When asked about this, he said: “Put it this way, if I did something for the BBC, they’d still quote my fee from 1995.”

Gary also admitted to the publication that they’ve had to tone down some of the language his character uses in the novel.

He admitted he thinks this may come down to Apple’s policy.

He said: “There are a few things we’ve diluted.

“I think that comes down to Apple policy, which is above my pay grade.

“I think there are certain things you can say in a novel that we don’t necessarily feel comfortable saying on television.”

Alongside Gary, the series also stars Olivia Cooke, Jonathan Pryce, Kristin Scott Thomas and Jack Lowden.

You can read the full interview with Gary Oldman in the Radio Times, out today.

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