Timothee Chalamet Feels ‘Societal Collapse Is in the Air’

The ‘Call Me by Your Name’ actor explains in a new interview why ‘it’s tough to be alive now,’ citing intense judgment on the internet and social media.

AceShowbizTimothee Chalamet talks about the challenges faced by today’s young generation. “To be young now is to be intensely judged,” he told Deadline.

Starring in Luca Guadagnino’s coming-of-age romantic horror road film “Bones And All“, the 26-year-old actor stars revealed part of what attracted him to the movie was the lack of social media used by his character.

“It was a relief to play characters who are wrestling with an internal dilemma absent the ability to go on Reddit or Twitter or Instagram or TikTok and figure out where they fit in. Without casting judgment on that, because if you can find your tribe there, then all the power.”

“But I think it’s tough to be alive now. I think societal collapse is in the air, it smells like it, and without being pretentious, I hope that’s why these movies matter because that’s the role of the artist is to shine a light on what’s going on.”

Chalamet (Lee) stars in the movie alongside Taylor Russell (Maren), as two unlikely companions who bond over their shared compulsion to eat human flesh and Chalamet said making the movie during the COVID-19 pandemic helped them to portray the sense of isolation felt by their characters.

He said, “A big part of it was a tribelessness, was being cut off from the social contact that helps us understand where we are in the world… Not that we’re attention hungry narcissistic beings, but nonetheless you need that contact to understand where you are and I felt a similar disillusionment that I think Lee was feeling in the script at that point.”

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