Tom Brady Slams Door On Potential Jets Signing, 'Next Question'

No, Tom Brady will not be replacing Aaron Rodgers in New York this season … the G.O.A.T. just made it absolutely clear he has no intentions whatsoever of being a Jet.

The former Buccaneers star shut down the possibility of a second unretirement while on his “Let’s Go!” podcast this week … after his cohost, Jim Gray, asked if Gang Green had hit him up following Rodgers’ season-ending Achilles tear.

“No, no, no — next question!” Brady responded. “You already know. I love being with you guys on Mondays and I love what we got goin’.”

Brady then smoothly changed the subject to the 3-0 Colorado Buffaloes and Deion Sanders, who was a guest on their show.

aaron rodgers

Of course, rumors of Brady playing for NYJ started almost immediately after Rodgers went down on Monday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills.

Many Jets fans had hoped the org. would sign a Rodgers-like vet ASAP … and a guy like seven-time Super Bowl champ Brady was the obvious No. 1 choice.

The Jets, though, made it clear following Rodgers’ injury that while they were looking into a potential veteran backup … they were putting their faith in 2021 first-round pick Zach Wilson — not a guy like Brady.

Unclear if that plan has changed since Wilson struggled against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday … but if you were hoping for Brady to swoop in and save the day in Gotham — better not hold your breath.

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