Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are ‘very different’ and have ‘little in common’

It looks like “gentle” Travis Kelce is no match for “wild” Taylor Swift.

While fans have been left gushing over Hollywood’s latest rumoured couple, it turns out they might not be the perfect match after all.

Dating rumours have recently surrounded the pop megastar and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis after she attended a few of his recent games.

However, an official label on their relationship has yet to be confirmed.

With that in mind, the Daily Express US has decided to dig a little deeper to see just how compatible the unlikely duo are, whilst also finding out what’s written in the stars for them with the help of astrology expert, Inbaal Honigman, who was speaking on behalf of SpinGenie.

Inbaal explained how compatible the NFL star is with Taylor, according to their star signs.

“Taylor is a Sagittarius and Travis is Libra which are very different signs, with little in common with each other,” Inbaal revealed.

She went on to explain: “The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, planet of love. Librans like Travis are gentle and friendly and love elegance and subtlety.”

This is a stark comparison to Taylor’s sign of Sagittarius, which “is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of generosity.”

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“Sagittarians like Taylor are chaotic and wild, and love travelling and meeting new people,” Inbaal continued.

After learning of the pair’s conflicting star signs, we asked Inbaal about what she thinks Taylor and Travis could clash over.

She pointed out: “In any new relationship, a Sagittarius like Taylor will need a lot of freedom to be herself. As a Sagittarius, she’s not one to follow family traditions, especially if the family isn’t hers. She’s a rebel.”

Meanwhile, a Libra like Travis “loves a family tradition and is bound to have dozens of them,” again conflicting with Taylor’s Saggitarian personality, which “could cause awkwardness in the relationship,” Inbaal claimed.

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Inbaal also noted when a Libra begins to fall in love they “want to include their new partner in every part of their lives,” which seems apparent in Travis and Taylor’s blossoming romance.

The Bad Blood hitmaker has been in attendance at several of Travis’ recent Kansas City Chief games and has been regularly pictured laughing and chatting away with his mom, Donna – in which she seems pretty happy to do so.

This brings us to the good news regarding the pair, as it turns out elsewhere in their chart they are extremely compatible.

Inbaal shared: “Travis has a very interesting component of his star chart which makes him quite compatible with Taylor. The athlete’s moon sign is Sagittarius, just like his hitmaker girlfriend’s sun sign.”

Adding: “This means that, like her, he also loves holidays, wide empty beaches and the feeling of freedom.”

And according to the expert, this means “their full astrological charts are quite compatible,” despite the fact “their basic star signs are not.”

Inbaal concluded her analysis of the couple on a high note, revealing: “They could be a jet-setting power couple and their love story has the potential to last a long long time.”

But fans will have to sit and hold tight to find out if Travis and Taylor really are Hollywood’s future “power couple”.

It comes after Travis’ ex recently shared a cryptic post on social media around the time of his birthday, which Taylor is planning to celebrate privately.

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