WAG Wars latest! Coleen Rooney tells Annie Kilner ‘ignore Rebekah Vardy’ amid new tension

Coleen Rooney advised Kyle Walker’s wife Annie Kilner to “stay strong” last week as the latest war of the WAGs raged on.

It came as Rebekah Vardy took to Instagram, begging to be “kept out” of any drama, while sharing a text in which she called Annie – wife of scandal-hit Manchester City footballer Kyle Walker – “weak” and said she had a “sad and miserable” life.

While Annie, 30, will have undoubtedly been rocked by Becky’s tirade, she’s grown closer to pal Coleen, 36. And a source has revealed the pair have bonded over being on the receiving end of Becky’s “public jibes”.

“Coleen told Annie to stay strong, ignore Becky and to keep her dignity. It’s worked for Coleen in the past and she’s hoping she can coach Annie through this so she emerges the bigger person,” our source said.

Becky, 41, posted the screenshot of the scathing text she sent Annie alongside a video. In the clip, she said she had been forced to share the message to “provide clarity” as the text had been “given to” a national newspaper but only part of it had been quoted.

The latest drama kicked off two weeks ago when Becky, who’s married to Leicester City striker Jamie, posted a comment – “the gift that keeps on giving” – shortly after it was reported Kyle had been caught on camera exposing himself and kissing a woman at a bar in Manchester.

It was speculated that the comment referred to Kyle’s alleged behaviour – which Becky denies.

The next day, Annie cryptically posted, “I think it’s important to remember that no matter how good you are to people, it won’t make them good to you.” It is unclear who Annie was referring to.

Days later, mum-of-five Becky hit out on Instagram after receiving backlash on social media. She wrote, “Waking up this morning to my name being associated with this delightful story in yet another opportunity to attack me! Funny though isn’t it that it’s my name she wants to use rather than the people actually laughing at her for being a doormat. Art of deflection to a T….

“Believe me had it been about her I would have tagged her! She’s obsessed… I’m literally tired of being nice to people with short memories… just leave me alone.”

She accompanied the post with audio of Michael Jackson’s hit Smooth Criminal, which contains the lyrics, “Annie, are you OK? So, Annie, are you OK? Are you OK, Annie?”

She then posted her video and a screenshot of the full text after details of her message to Annie were published in a newspaper. In the video, she said, “I don’t want to really have to do this but I’m at a point where I have to because I’m getting constantly abused and my kids are getting messages and it’s not OK. I’m going to stand up for myself and put a bit of clarity into this situation and a perspective that’s true and not a false narrative.”

She added, “Yes I’m angry, yes I did send her a message… I’m going to share exactly what I said to her and it’s funny and ironic that the whole message actually didn’t make its way into the paper. I just want this to stop.

“I’m not interested in who said what and all that b******s that is associated around this. Just stop, leave me alone, keep me out of your drama, I’m not interested, but I’m sick to death of this bulls**t and being accused of things – stuff that didn’t happen – just to make a drama, just to bring me into it so people can have a go at me, so people can abuse me and constantly get at me. Enough, OK, enough, just leave me alone.”

Mum-of-three Annie looked pensive when she was spotted out in Cheshire last week wearing her wedding ring and huge diamond engagement ring – and if there’s one person who knows how Annie will be feeling, it’s Coleen.

It’s no secret that the wife of former England striker Wayne has had ups and downs when it comes to her marriage. And the mum-of-four reached out to Annie following the reports over Kyle’s alleged behaviour.

“Coleen sent messages to Annie on WhatsApp and they’ve spoken on DM on Instagram too,” our source said. “She’s happy for Annie to give her a call any time and will be picking up the phone to her to reassure her.

“Coleen’s even invited Annie and her kids over for a play date, because they have boys of similar ages. She said they can put the world to rights, away from prying eyes, while their kids play together. They’re both busy women, so who knows when or if this will happen, but it was a friendly gesture.

“Coleen is happy for everyone to know she has Annie’s back in this. At the end of the day, Annie, Kyle and their relationship has nothing to do with Becky.”

The source added that Annie and Coleen, who has been married to Wayne for over 16 years, have a lot in common. “Coleen sees Annie as a friend and says they have a lot of similarities. They both met their husbands when they were teenagers and have stood by them, despite their bad behaviour with other women. They’re both boy mums – Annie has three lads and Coleen has four – so they’ve bonded over that.

“They’re also both northerners and they get along well. Coleen says Annie just gets it, she understands life with a footballer and all that comes with it. She gets what it’s like to be with someone while they grow up and make mistakes. She says she’s a dead loyal girl.”

Annie, who started dating Kyle in 2010, has in the past described the romance as “love at first sight”. But in 2019, she dumped him after Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown revealed her secret affair with him. There was more pain to come when, in April 2020, the Manchester City and England player was involved in a coronavirus lockdown sex party with two prostitutes. In the same year, Annie revealed she’d suffered a miscarriage. She was then heartbroken to learn Kyle had become a dad for the fourth time – with Lauryn Goodman – while he and Annie were on a break. After the news broke, she told a friend she felt “physically sick” and that her “world had caved in”.

She added, “Kyle says he wants his future with me and the kids. He wants to marry me but he’s caused a lifetime of damage. But when you have children they come first. My kids want their daddy. Until you’re in this situation you don’t know what you’d do.”

But the couple put their troubles behind them and got married at the start of last year, after Kyle proposed with a £250,000 ring.

Coleen has also been through the mill. In 2010, Wayne, now 37, faced allegations that he had cheated on her with three sex workers while she was pregnant in 2002. In last year’s Amazon documentary Rooney, Coleen, who has sons Kai, 13, Klay, nine, Kit, seven, and Cass, five, with Wayne, said she’s forgiven him for “cheating on her multiple times”.

Tensions between Annie and Becky were first reported in 2020, ahead of the infamous “Wagatha Christie” court case between Becky and Coleen.

Annie described Becky as wanting to be the “next Victoria Beckham” and claimed that she “enjoys the limelight” as Becky sued Coleen for defamation after being accused of leaking stories about her to a newspaper. Although Becky has always denied Coleen’s claim that she leaked stories, the judge at last year’s trial ruled that the accusations were “substantially true” and said that Becky had “deliberately” deleted messages in a bid to cover her tracks.


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