Why Jennifer Lopez Once Felt Her Relationship With Ben Affleck Was on a Different Level Than Her Relationship With Diddy

Before her relationship with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez had a high-profile relationship with music mogul Diddy. Despite the many public controversies that came with their union, however, Lopez still maintained her fling with Affleck was on a completely different level than hers with Diddy.

Jennifer Lopez once labeled her romance with Diddy as a ‘torrid relationship’

Lopez and Diddy had been through a lot in the couple of years they spent together. Perhaps one of their most infamous incidences was when the two had gotten arrested following a shootout at a nightclub. Lopez, herself, admitted to having trouble at times dealing with her relationship with the megastar. Some of that trouble was because of what she saw as Diddy’s alleged infidelities.

“It was the first time I was with someone who wasn’t faithful,” Lopez told Vibe (via Entertainment Weekly.) “I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin.”

Eventually, Lopez would call off the relationship, as she was searching for something long-term.

“I had to think, do I want to be home with kids in 10 years wondering where somebody is at three in the morning?” Lopez asked.

She rebounded from her romance with Diddy by being in a short-lived marriage with Cris Judd.

“Coming out of a torrid relationship, I meet this sweet person who’s so refreshing,” she said of her ex.

But the marriage between the two didn’t work out for several reasons.

“But marriage is not just about love. I thought I had learned that in my first marriage…. I loved Cris, still love him, he’s one of the best people. This wasn’t an easy thing to walk away from, but we didn’t have what it takes to make a marriage work,” she confided.

Why Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Ben Affleck was on a different level than her relationship with Diddy

Despite the controversies and gossip surrounding her relationship with Diddy, her relationship with Affleck would go on to trump that. Talking to NBC News, Lopez explained that she’d never seen anything like the attention she received at Bennifer’s peak. Even when compared to her relationship with one of hip-hop’s most powerful producers.

“Well, me and Puffy were in the paper a lot and there was a kind of fascination with that relationship, too, but this was a different level,” Lopez shared. “I felt like I had been in the press enough that I could handle it, but even I felt a little uncomfortable with so many eyes on you watching all your steps and wondering if you’re going to break up or stay and you’ve only been together a few weeks and you’re like whoa!”

But Lopez wasn’t the only one who felt this way about their relationship. Ben Affleck was at one point in a well-known relationship with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow. Affleck’s relationship with Paltrow didn’t draw the same type of attention that Bennifer would. But it foreshadowed what the Oscar-winner would eventually face with Lopez.

“I went through a lot, a similar type of thing with Gwyneth, not to this degree, but it was something I was the first time, like news about a relationship I was in was on CNN,” Affleck shared. “I thought this world has gone mad now.”

Ben Affleck thought it was going to be a pain in the ass working with Jennifer Lopez

NBC News noted that Jennifer Lopez got quite the reputation for being a diva over the years. But it was a reputation that Lopez asserted was unearned and false.

“All I do is really you know go to work and try to be professional and be on time and be prepared. And then you hear all this stuff that people say about you, and yeah, it can be hurtful,” Lopez said.

Even Affleck at one point believed that Lopez would be the diva that many publications claimed she was.

“I probably secretly thought like, you know, this is going to be a pain in the ass working with this woman. I’ll try to get through this thing and just, you know,” Affleck confessed. “And then it still wasn’t that way, and then at a certain point, I thought that’s a shame, you know what I mean? This woman kind of has a bad rap.”

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