‘You old farmer!’ Jonathan Ross swipes at Jeremy Clarkson amid issue with Grand Designs

Grand Designs: Couple attempt to preserve ancient ruins

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, questioned ITV host Jonathan Ross, 60 on Twitter after the latter vented his frustrations. It comes after last night’s episode of Grand Designs as presenter Kevin McCloud, 62, cheekily mocked Cumbrian couple Ruth, 27, and Rob, 31, who appeared on the programme.

The pair hoped to transform a 200-year-old former blacking mill on the verge of collapse in just 18 months and with a £250,000 budget on Grand Designs.

However, the couple would have to rebuild around their new structure after being told it’s too dangerous to repair.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, Jonathan shared a series of clips from the programme, where he admittedly took issue with Kevin’s comments directed at Rob and Ruth.

In view of his 4.2 million followers, the ITV host admitted he loved the programme but was not always impressed with Kevin.

Sharing a clip from the show, the Grand Designs host reacted to the Cumbrian couple when he visited their site.

“Look at you both, you look like building goblins,” Kevin joked. “You’ve really grown to be a part of the place.”

He added: “Look at the pair of you. Slowly turning into the same colour as the valley. Bit of green and moss splodged on you.”

In a follow-up tweet, Jonathan penned: “Kevin (not George) won’t just let it go. #granddesigns.”

The Channel 4 presenter joked again about the couple’s appearance when he visited their property a final time.

Kevin commented: “So you no longer look like building goblins. You’ve morphed back into human beings.”

The Grand Designs presenter cheekily took aim at the couple’s appearance for the third time.

After viewing their finished home, Kevin stated: “The philosophy of this entire building I am going to retract that statement I made earlier about being human beings and not being building goblins.”


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Jonathan later tweeted: “Kevin. What the actual…”

Jeremy replied: “Why’s that so bad,” in view of his 7.5 million followers.

The ITV presenter cheekily swiped at the Clarkson’s Farm host in his response.

Jonathan swiped: “You know exactly why you old farmer.”

Viewers noted that they also picked up on Kevin’s cheeky comments to the couple on Grand Designs.

Art McFall wrote: “It could have been deceptive editing, but Ruth always looked a second away from telling Kevin to ‘f*** off.'”

Leeroy tweeted: “I noticed she didn’t seem very pleased to see him each time. That first time he said they looked like goblins I thought she was going to smack him clean out!”

Andy Cartwright added: “He did seem obsessed with calling them goblins.”

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