‘Ashamed’ mum finally descales kettle covered in limescale & reveals easy hack using vinegar

BEING a mum leaves very little time for anything else, so letting your kettle build up a little too much limescale from time to time can be forgiven.

The only issue is when it comes to cleaning it, stubborn limescale can be a pain to get rid of it – that's why one mum has revealed her quick and easy to descale her kettle and all you need is vinegar.

TikTok user @louiiisequaaannn confessed that she was feeling "ashamed" over the state of her kettle, but with a million and one things to do, thanks to her parent duties. cleaning it had been put on the back burner.

Finally getting round to tackling the grime, the mum revealed the trick she swears by which takes no time at all and zero scrubbing or elbow grease.

"Not gonna lie guys, I'm actually really ashamed to show this," she said as she revealed just how dirty her clear kettle had got.

"This is how I descale my kettle easily, which is quite a useful tip I picked up – all you need is a bottle of distilled vinegar that you just pour in."

Yes, you pour in the entire bottle of vinegar and fill up the rest of the kettle with cold water, leaving the solution to soak in the kettle for up to two hours or even overnight.

The vinegar will start to breakdown the limescale, with particles seen floating around as they come loose, as the acid within it breaks down calcium carbonate, which limescale is made of.

When ready, boil the vinegar water in the kettle, pour it away and rinse out the kettle.

The mum added: "You can always boil another batch of water if you want to and get rid of that vinegar smell… and you're done."

Her video has since been watched online half a million times and hundreds of people commented on the clip, sharing how impressed they were with the results and their own suggestions that leave their kettle sparkling.

Feeling the mum's pain, one person said: "We have this kettle and CONSTANTLY de-scaling it."

Another wrote: "This is so great because 1) it's better for the environment 2) encourages people not to send more to the landfill ad 3) ITS LOVELY."

A third wrote: "I did mine this morning… it's very satisfying. Chuck half a lemon in to the last water boil to neutralise the vinegar smell."

"I do this too but you don't need to use the whole bottle of vinegar! UsuallyI use 1/4, I know it's really cheap but I'm a cheapo (sic)," suggested one person.

One viewer said: "Try popping a teaspoon or two of bicarbonate of soda in there with the vinegar. It really helps."

Another added: "Or you can also use citric acid (at least it doesn't smell)."

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