ASOS worker reveals what REALLY happens to its clothes after you return them

HAVE you ever wondered what happens to the clothes you return after making an online order?

Well, ASOS as revealed exactly what happens to unwanted items – even if they're faulty.

The retailer revealed that all returned items are either fixed, cleaned, repackaged, repurposed or recycled – and absolutely nothing gets thrown away.

In a video shared with its 11.2 million followers, Senior Creative Jess Cheng, who works for the brand, explained the process step-by-step.

“Where do our returns go? Spoiler alert – it’s not landfill,” she said.

The ASOS employee then went on to explain the three-step process each item goes through when it's returned.

“Step 1: We unpack and inspect your return,” she revealed.

And continued: “Step 2: Anything that needs repairing goes to one of our on-site tailors.

“Step 3: Our garment press and steamer take out any creases."

For any items that are marked or stained, Jess said "we dry-clean the items and put them in an ozone air scrubber."

Then the last step is to hang the garment in a drying cabinet ready to be sent out again.

“We have a 0 landfill policy and 97% of our returns go on to be resold,” however, 3% of returned pieces are considered "too damaged for resale."

In this case, the retailer send it to "some of our partners to be recycled or reused – so it can go on to live a happy second life.”

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