Beauty fan is urging others to race and nab £8 highlighter that's an amazing dupe for £36 Chanel twin | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has revealed an amazing £8 dupe for a pricey Chanel highlighter stick.

The woman shared, in a video on TikTok, how the affordable elf product seemed to create a very similar dewy look – with a saving of £28.

In a post, the make-up whizz compared the elf Daily Dew Stick, costing £8, with the Chanel Multi-Use Glow Stick, priced at £36.

She tried on both highlighters at the same time, one on each half of her face, to compare the results.

First, the savvy social media user tried the Chanel stick, noting that it had a "gorgeous wet look".

She then pointed out that, when on the stick, the pricier option looked more "glossy", while the elf seemed like it could be "slightly more glittery".

However, the beauty fan then applied the latter option and noted: "I'm not really seeing any glitter. It feels the same as the Chanel."

After finishing applying both highlighters to her cheekbones and eyelids, she asked viewers for their verdict.

Her post was popular with fellow social media users, who left more than 205,000 'likes' and over 600 messages.

One person wrote: "The elf one is literary my favourite!"

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The Chanel option will set you back £36Credit: Tiktok/@bambidoesbeauty
TikTok users said they were rushing to purchase the budget alternativeCredit: Tiktok/@bambidoesbeauty

Another commented: "Defo a good dupe! On my way to get it now!!"

A third shared: "Love the elf one!"

And a fourth added: "They’re SO similar, but I kind of like the elf one more!"

Meanwhile, a fifth noted: "They both have the same dewiness, but I’d worry about elf’s longevity versus Chanel’s. But great dupe!"

Another concluded: "Chanel if you are looking for dewiness. elf looks like a highlighter."

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