Bella Hadid Has Been Dressing Like '90s NSYNC and We Honestly Can't Unsee It

Bella Hadid has a style that's all her own. At least, that's what we've been saying for the past few years, citing the model's kinda-chaotic fashion choices and affinity for costume bin dressing. However, upon further inspection, we realized we've actually seen similar outfits before — way back in the '90s and early '00s, being worn by members of NSYNC.

Think about it: this boy band truly loved their colorful glasses, leather jackets, and track pants, all of which seem to be current staples in the top model's wardrobe. And, considering Hadid herself has admitted she no longer works with a stylist, it wouldn't be strange for her to gather inspiration from unexpected places, whether she's digging through the archives or the depths of her memory, referencing looks from the days of her early childhood.

Even if embracing the old school NSYNC aesthetic has been unintentional, the photos ahead prove Hadid has completely nailed the look. Still, the uncanny side-by-side comparisons likely won't be too shocking for fashion fans. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that history's most questionable trends never go Bye, Bye, Bye for long.

Colorful Glasses and Oversized Jackets

If you told us these were the same exact shades just in different colorways, we'd believe you. She may be pulling inspiration from Chris Kirkpatrick's skinny braids, too.

All-White Outfits

'90s boy bands loved all-white looks, whether they were hitting the red carpet or filming a music video (which probably involved water). Extra points considering Hadid's choice is also baggy and somewhat shiny.

Striped Polos

If the shirts worn by Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick somehow morphed together, they would esentially become Hadid's Ralph Lauren sweater.

A Long Brown Jacket

And she paired it with chains and baggy pants, too — so NSYNC.

Camouflage Pants and a Black Jacket

JC Chasez first wore this combination in 2002, so it's kind of wild that it still works 20 years later.

A Blue Tracksuit

The model looks ready to break out some impressive dance moves — or, you know, head to brunch.

A Bandana and a Pendant Necklace

She styled her throwback accessories with a graphic tee and oversized layers, creating an extremely Justin Timberlake outfit.

A Denim Shirt

Thanks to those tiny sunglasses, Hadid's outfit almost looks even more Y2K than Bass's ensemble, which he wore to the 2002 MTV Movie Awards.

A Vest and Chains

Clearly, the vest — and the shest! — was an NSYNC favorite. However, Hadid gave her pick a preppy spin with the addition of a white shirt (a favorite outfit formula of her pal, Kendall Jenner).

A Leather Jacket, Jeans, and Small Sunglasses

And is it just us, or are they smiling the same, too?

An Oversized, Sporty Polo

Hadid may have skipped the baggy jeans, but it's worth noting that both shirts are from Nike. Has she secretly been raiding Chasez's wardrobe?

A Big Button-Down

Extra long and untucked was the look at this time, and clearly the model is on a mission to bring it back.

A Swirly, Multi-Colored Top

Both include hints of green and would look pretty spectacular paired with leather pants.

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