Coco Rocha Takes Us Behind the Scenes at Christian Siriano's NYFW Runway Show

Rise and Shine

“The day of Christian Siriano’s show at NYFW started with me teaching my students at Coco Rocha Model Camp the art of pose at 7 a.m. I had surprised them all the day before by announcing a special field trip to my friend Christian’s show, which meant we had to start our classes at the crack of dawn.”

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“By 2 p.m. my model students were having a late lunch and I was in makeup with Erin Parsons my friend. I have to say, after months of doing my own makeup in this pandemic it was nice to hand it off to someone else!”

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Show Time

“I was lucky enough to open and close Christian’s show, which is always the biggest honor for any model. I’ve lost track of how many shows he’s had me walk in it, but every time I do, I get the same thrill. Having my students from Coco Rocha Model Camp cheering me on in the balcony only made it all the more special!”

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Strike a Pose

“Here’s a backstage shot of my look: pure glamour meets drama. Sounds like someone I know?”

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Friendly Affair

“Thanks to COVID tests all around for the models, I got to take this picture with my friends, fellow models Candice Huffine, Martha Hunt and Teddy Quinlivan.”

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Time for a Snack

“After the show, we were all super hungry. Here’s me serving pizza at CRMC! Yes, before you ask, models do eat.”

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All in a Day’s Work!

“By 6 p.m. I was back in my CRMC studio teaching my students again until 10 p.m. Finally, my 15-hour day came to a close.”

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