Expert warns you should never include joke references when transferring money to your mates

SENDING money to a mate or a family member with a funny description seems completely harmless, right?

While it's a common and casual move, a mortgage advisor has warned against doing it as it could have a massive impact on your financial future.

At the very least transfer names such as "money for drugs" or "sugar daddy" could have "embarrassing" consequences according to the official TikTok for KAG Financial.

But worst case scenario it could mean the difference between getting a home loan and not – and it could be the same for other loans too.

In a clip titled "How to avoid embarrassment when applying for a mortgage", the financial expert explained that lenders can see your history of inappapropriate tranfer names.

"Remember the money you transferred your pal? We see it and so does the lender," the expert said

"Avoid joke references. 'Money for drugs' is probably not the best thing to use."

While it's often a silly joke between friends at the time, the expert revealed it can harm your chances of securing a mortgage down the line.

"For those of you asking how far they check back – most of the time it's three months, your application is also only affected if it's something illegal," the expert added.

In some cases, though, they look back further and it can even delay the process while they investigate.

The video, which has been viewed more than half a million times, sent TikTok users into a frenzy as they recalled years of inappropriate references.

Many admitted they had used phrases like "SUGAR DADDY" and "Wifey Dollaaa" in the past.

Meanwhile, some revealed they'd often make references to other illegal behaviour, such as selling drugs, which was clearly a joke.

Fortunately, the money expert revealed firms won't always deny your mortgage request, but you might be up for some pretty awkward explanations during your application process.

That said, it's best to put a stop to your jokey behaviour now, particularly when it comes to referencing pretend illegal activity.

Many TikTok users offered up some of their funniest bank transfers – admitting the thought never even crossed their mind.

"I send myself money and say things like 'bride money', 'hush money'. Never even considered this," shared one TikTok user.

"So hopefully my 'love you' on all my money sent to my mum won't matter then," wrote another.

"My mates sent my friend a cent at a time with bad references when he went for his mortgage," admitted a third.

One person said even their family member have got in on the joke.

"One time my uncle transferred me birthday money and he put 'swingers club' as the references – I was raging."

Another said: "Thank god it’s only three [months]! Some of my older references have been horrific."

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