Hailey Bieber's 'common pregnancy signals' are matched by 'macho' Justin's 'leakage' signs, body language expert says | The Sun

A BODY language expert has said that Justin and Hailey Bieber's hand positions may reveal a hidden pregnancy.

The couple has fueled rumors that they're expecting a baby in recent weeks.

The latest speculation has come after Justin, 29, and wife Hailey, 26, were spotted backstage at a Drake concert in New York in July.

According to body language expert Judi James, both Justin and Hailey may be subconsciously leaking their pregnancy secret.

She explained: "Speculation about a Bieber baby has been swirling for months but it’s easy to see why the body language in the couple’s recent photos might have sent fans into a bootie-knitting frenzy."

Judi told The U.S. Sun that the placing of a hand over the stomach area is a common pregnancy signal, which starts as a masking or barrier ritual during the early stages.

"It then progresses to a spontaneous, knee-jerk response to hide or protect the bump, before becoming a cupping ritual once the bump is bigger," she said.

Judi explained that more pronounced cupping and rubbing gestures can be expected with a bigger bump, helping to soothe and bond with the baby.

"Because the belly touch is linked with pregnancy and can be used to either hide or to announce a baby on the way it’s often something non-pregnant women will avoid doing in case rumors start," she said.

The body language pro pointed out that cupping your belly can also simply be a result of a "good old food bloat or a wardrobe malfunction."

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Judi also addressed the photo at the Drake concert, which showed "Hailey’s back arched in a casual lean."

In the picture, Hailey's hands can be seen clasped over what has been speculated to be a baby bump but might not be the only telltale sign.

Judi explained: "Her raised chin and facial expression suggest something bordering on serenity."

The body language expert also shared her thoughts on the photo of Hailey walking in the street in jeans.

She said the image seemed to show: "Hailey using barrier props to hide her stomach area."

Judi explained: "At one point her free hand is over her stomach, behind a laptop, what looks like a binder, and her phone, which appears to be four layers of barrier.

"It even has echoes of the way Meghan arrived on tour in Australia carrying two large purple folders over her stomach before announcing her pregnancy with little Archie," she continued.

Judi pointed out previous occasions when the flattened hand over the stomach area was seen.

One occasion was when Hailey was wearing a short white dress while shopping with a friend and there was another time when she wore a black evening gown.

"The problem with fan frenzy speculation though is that it can easily spark a desire to make people back off and stop discussing your body," Judi pointed out.

She explained that Hailey’s hand and barrier gestures could "merely be aimed at diverting any constant attention from that part of her anatomy."

Judi suggested instead looking at Justin’s recent body language.

"Some of the biggest giveaways to a yet-to-be-announced pregnancy come from the father’s body language 'leakage' signals, especially first-time dads who are often busting to tell the world," she said.

Judi continued: "They can often become over-protective and their macho behaviors can increase as they struggle to hide the grin that keeps wanting to spread over their face.

"They also, cutely, will often mirror or mimic the hand-over-the-belly pose of their pregnant partner in a subliminal act of sharing, empathy, and apparent proof of where their thoughts lie," she said.

Judi said that the photos showing Justin walking ahead while towing his wife behind him with a meshed hand clasp show a potential "desire to protect her."

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"At the Drake concert, there is a macho leg splay with one arm hanging down and the other wrapped around his waist in a barrier gesture," she explained.

Judi concluded: "But it’s not definitive in these poses yet, so it looks like a fan stand-down until the couple announces for sure."

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