Haters say I cheat on bin man partner but he's hotter than the footballers sliding in my DMs | The Sun

A MUM has slammed judgemental neighbours who assume she sleeps around – insisting that she’d never stray from her bin man beau.

Laura Whyte, 29, is often the talk of her village after claiming jealous locals took exception to her £4k-a-month job.

But while she’s happy to rise above most of the gossip, the part that annoys her most is the assumption she’d ever cheat on the father of her two children.

Laura's success on OnlyFans hasn’t gone down well with other residents in Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire, who she claims have hurled insults in front of her children and threatened to call social services. 

Laura says: “People assume because I do OnlyFans that I sleep around or that I invite male attention.

"But that couldn't be further from the truth.

"It's just a job and my partner is the only man for me.

"He's a bin man and I find him far more attractive than the footballers sliding in my DM's.

"He'd also never cheat on me either. 

“We have a healthy relationship and people need to mind their own business."

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Laura previously spoke out about the treatment she receives.

She said: “My partner says it’s jealousy because they don’t look good enough to do it or their partner wouldn’t allow it.

“Girls say ‘don’t think you’re special because you do OnlyFans now.’

“They bang on about feminism and then you do well and they’re not happy about it.

“They didn’t have a problem when I was only getting £35 a week.

“It did bother me at he start because I genuinely did nothing wrong.

“You get treated like a criminal, like a nasty person.”

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