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LOTS of us like having fish for dinner.

But the downside of cooking something like salmon or cod is that it can leave a fishy smell in the house that's hard to get rid of.

And while some people turn to scented candles to try and get rid of the whiff, there are some occasions when you know that's just not going to cut it.

Grace found herself in that situation after having whipped up some salmon the night before, so decided to try making a "simmer pot" to help.

"My house currently stinks of fish," she began a video on her TikTok page.

"And I keep seeing these simmer pots, so I thought I'd give one a go and see if it changes the smell of my house, because it literally is whiffing of fish.

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"And nobody wants that".

She added that while she could put a candle on, "the candle just masks the smell and then you get nose blind".

"Whereas I'm hoping that if I do one of these simmer pots, it will make it smell good and replace the scent."

Grace began by cutting up an orange into thin slices, before doing the same with an apple.

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She then added the fruit slices into a pan along with five cups of water, two cinnamon sticks and some bay leaves.

Once it was full, she took it to the hob, put the lid on and bought it to the boil.

"I bought it to the boil and I've just turned it down to a simmer," she said.

"And I have to say, it's worked like magic!

"My kitchen now smells like an autumnal bakery.

"Really recommend!"

"Making simmer pots is my new personality trait, especially for autumn," Grace added in the video caption.

"I do these all the time, I always add a few bits of clove too. Smells amazing," one person wrote in the comments section.

As another praised: "Like a little autumn witches potion!"

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While a third commented: "Mask the smell and nose blind are just marketing words – this is the same concept as a candle!

"Still lovely though."

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