I fell pregnant TWICE in one month – I used an ancient fertility virtual & witch powers to get my much-wanted baby

A WOMAN who claims she is a witch thanks her rituals after falling pregnant twice in one month.

Jess, who regularly shares videos to her TikTok, says she did a ritual which helped her to conceive again. 

She says: “So I am not a doctor or a midwife, I don’t work in fertility or anything like that. 

“I am however a witch and I have managed to get pregnant twice in two months, I lost the first one and I got pregnant two weeks later. 

“I did the exact same fertility ritual but I also have a few tips on how to get pregnant quickly.”

She also says that using different techniques helped. 

She added: “Physical things you can use are a Mooncup. So after you do the deed put the mooncup up there, keep it there all night keep there all night and the sperm only has one place to swim.

“Conceive plus lubricant worked twice for us, and I swear by these tablets, every time I take these tablets I get pregnant straight away and I do have a few fertility issues. 

“Seven seas trying for baby tablets, I absolutely swear by them.”

The video she shared to her 43.6k TikTok followers on phoenixtherapy, has since been viewed 67.4k times. 

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Dr. Sherry Ross, an obstetrician-gynaecologist and women's health specialist, previously told one publication that a menstrual cups can help someone's efforts to conceive.

She said: "In every ejaculate, there are millions of sperm swimming around.

"A menstrual cup full of sperm allows the sperm to only move in only one direction and that is towards the egg."

In another video, she shared a protection spell, which included a black candle, black salt or pure sea salt and charcoal, sage, add charcoal or black colouring to the wax candle.


In the video, she says: “I make my own but any black candle will do. Cleanse your jar or candle with burning sage or incense, add a protection charm for protection mantra.

“Light it! Place in front of a mirror and intent that the sender of bad energy receives it back three fold. My little stalker should now have a nasty string of bad luck.”

And her followers loved it, with one writing: “A powerful witch can manifest shields around yourself and home and trust me people or negative energies won’t even get close..your will be done…”

Another wrote: “Thank you so much for this!”

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