I had a hairdresser fix my highlights and roots and I totally love the new look – but mean trolls say she did me dirty | The Sun

A BLONDE has shared her hair transformation after a professional fixed her roots and highlights – but people reckon it's a disaster.

Blondes certainly have more fun – until it's time to fork out a fortune to bleach their locks and cover the regrowth, and TikTok user Alyssa Leeder (@blondeandabaddie) is no stranger to this.

The young woman, believed to be from the US, recently visited a hairdresser, taking her 344k TikTok fans along the journey.

Showing what her bleached locks looked like before the appointment, Alyssa insisted that the roots were too dark for her liking.

''I like darker sometimes… But I'm like over it, I want to be really blonde,'' she explained in the video.

Once the visit to the expert was over, the blonde beauty fan revealed the outcome of the makeover – the hair was definitely lighter and the roots had been bleached too.


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To give her hair more volume and length, she had also opted for extensions, which she reckoned were fabulous.

''And the match is good,'' Alyssa couldn't get over how seamlessly the fake hair had blended into her natural locks.

But despite the cosmetologist obsessed with the Before and After, people on TikTok shared a slightly different opinion.

Not only did they insist it looked as if she hadn't even visited the salon in the first place, but that the artist behind this masterpiece had done her dirty.

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''it was blonder before now it’s just yellow,'' commented one hair-rified social media user.

Another agreed, adding: ''it looks grown out.''

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Someone else begged Alyssa to give her locks a breather: ''Pls for the love of god put down the bleach.''

''No ma’am go back right now,'' a fourth urged

If you, like Alyssa, are trying to bring some life back into your hair, you've probably purchased heaps of oils and serums.

But did you know you've probably been using them all wrong?

Sharing his tips and tricks, the hair guru Matt, from New York, the US, took to TikTok to enlighten us all.

''Don't apply hair serum from the bottle onto your hair,'' he said to his 1.4million fans.

''Most oil-based or serum-based hair products are gonna perform best when you break them down really well on your palm.''

According to Matt, who posts under the username @mattloveshair, you should first squeeze a tiny amount of the serum and rub into into your hands for eight or so seconds.

Once it's warm and ready to use, gently work it into your locks and watch magic happen.

Posted less than a day ago, the clip has already taken the video-sharing platform by storm, racking up a whopping 1.3million views.

But whilst Matt swore by this trick, social media users were divided – whereas some thanked the guru, others reckoned it was a waste of product.

''But doesn’t the serum just absorb into ur skin?'' one person wondered.

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Someone else agreed, writing: ''yeah so we can waste 50% of the serum on our palm.''

''But I’m not a fan of how the oils leave my hand,'' a third commented.

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