I live in Utah – I wear sports bras to the gym but always end up adding a baggy T-shirt because of ‘judgy’ people | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has encountered issues in the gym that have nothing to do with her workout.

She shared that her Utah-based gym is filled with judgmental people who don't allow her to dress how she pleases.

The fit beauty revealed that she has to add a T-shirt over her sports bra in order to work out in peace.

Sienna Gehring (@siennagehring) is a digital content creator, influencer, and fitness fan.

She took to TikTok to reveal her wardrobe woes when trying to break a sweat at the gym.

"Me wearing a sports bra to the gym," she wrote over the video.

She posed in a bright red sports bra and skin tight black leggings.

"Putting a shirt on because people in Utah are judge-y," she added.

She threw on a baggy white T-shirt over top her gym outfit.

"Modest is hottest," she sarcastically added in the caption.

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The video came as part of a trend where women clap back at outdated dress codes.

Working out requires comfort and mobility and many complain that strict dress codes hinder a good workout.

The video struck a chord with viewers, who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Shouldn’t matter what they think, hold confidence if that’s truly what you want. And yes I am from Utah," one advised.

"The struggle," another added.

"Truth," a third commented.

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