I live on a cruise ship – the toilet's teeny, a diffuser is a must and my magnet hack is actually genius | The Sun

AN adventurous woman has revealed some of the unique features of her life on a cruise ship.

She shared that her toilet is a bit tiny, she needs a diffuser in her small living space, and she has a newfound use for magnets.

Cruise ship performer Krista Jocelyn (@krista.jocelyn1) dances around the world as a professional entertainer.

In a TikTok video, she gave a mini tour of the small space that she calls home and shares with her boyfriend.

As a member of the crew, she showed viewers some unconventional details of it "that just make sense."

First, Krista panned to her walls, which were covered with magnets.

She said: "All of the walls in the cabin are metal, so I use these to hold bags, coats, hats, and then I also use them to hang all of my photos."

Next, she got innovative by installing Kitsch shampoo/conditioner bars that hang on hooks and a small shower caddy that fits in her minuscule bathroom.

Then, she showed the diffuser which is a must for her bedside because they are not allowed candles on a cruise ship, and it "is a great way to add a little vibe."

Lastly, she divulged her cheap alternative to the flickering overhead lights in her cabin.

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"I literally never have them on," she explained. "I always put my twinkly lights on."

She said it's a home decor necessity if you want a cozy, cabin atmosphere.

Krista made sure to mention in the video caption that she loves her tiny home.

There were many questions in the comment section about her lifestyle.

"So you carry all those things when signing on and signing off the ship?" a viewer commented.

Krista replied: "Yeah! It’s a lot."

"Do crew cabins how more outlets then the one the guest cabins get?" another inquired.

The content creator wrote back: "It’s probably about the same. I have a power strip though!"

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