I paid my £30K house deposit at 21 after trying a side-hustle anyone can do – and no, my parents didn’t help either | The Sun

WITH house prices through the roof, it can take years to save up for a deposit – with many turning to their parents for help.

But not for one savvy woman, who managed to pay for her £30k house deposit at 21 – all thanks to a clever side hustle.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@mahalia.fisher), Mahalia Fisher began: "The story of how I saved a house deposit by 21 (without saving)."

And before anyone commented, she added: "No, there was no parental help."

The DIY whizz then explained how she had a business idea which saw her buy a caravan for £1.5k and turn it into a coffee van.

Mahalia then spent £4k giving it a total makeover, before serving coffee from it as planned.


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However, she said that after Covid hit, she decided to flog the vehicle for an impressive £18.8k.

In a bid to make even more money, savvy Mahalia then decided to do it all again – but with a new project.


This time, she paid £6k for a van, spent £2.5k on renovation, and sold the van on for £19.8k.

Mahalia said: "Had £30.4k in the bank suddenly and bought this yellow dungeon."

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She concluded by noting that after hard work and a cost of £15.2k, she managed to transform the house into a "dreamy little beach-side home".

The DIY fanatic captioned the post: "look it might’ve been easier to just save in the end but I’m sure nowhere near as fun (or stressful)."

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 799k views and hundreds of comments from very impressed social media users.

One praised: "This is called hustle….. most people don’t have it in em. Congrats mate, be proud of yourself, too many people make excuses!"

A second enthused: "Love this. Everyone is such a hater when it comes to young people and money!

"If you get creative, you can make it on your own — congratulations!"

A third penned: "£22,000 profit on the second van – smart idea!!!!"

Meanwhile, another fan of her work posted: "That’s awesome – love your hustle!"

A further added: "Amazing!!! Love this 100%!"

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