I was done so dirty by a hairdresser – there’s no coming back from it… I mean what the f*** even is it? | The Sun

A WOMAN who decided to chop her locks off has been left devastated by the finished result. 

Sharing a clip on the TikTok channel @ultimatebykomi, she showed off her shoulder-length mane before heading to the salon, where they “did her dirty”. 

“I’m about to go get my hair chopped off,” she said as she combed through her raven tresses with her fingers. 

“I’m over it. I’m really, really over it. It’s dead. I want a new start, I want a clean slate, so… Imma take you guys with me. 

“And yes, it’s going to be the big chop.” 

Angelica Miller went on to explain that it’s a really last minute haircut and she decided to go to an affordable place to get it done as she’s “on a budget”. 


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“Don’t say nothing,” she added. “So the thing is if it goes wrong, it’s alright because it’s short. 

“But if it goes right, then I found a hack for the girlies. It’s a super cheap haircut, so we’ll see.” 

She then shared several scenes of herself sitting in the salon chair while part of her mane was spread across the floor. 

Back in her car, she stayed silent for a second for viewers to take in her new style, which appeared for short and hadn’t been styled. 

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“Y’all why did that girl do me dirty like this? Why did she just humble me?” she questioned as she giggled before ending the clip. 

“She humbled me,” she added in the caption. 

In a second clip, she confessed that it was a “cut without a style” but she still expected the salon to shape her hair up. 

“There is no way that it should be looking this bad,” she continued. 

“There is a time when you should just put the scissors down, put the clippers down. Put that s**t down.

“Why is it like this?” 

Adding that she was “about to cry” Angelica said she can’t fix the left side of her hair. 

In the end, she had to go and get a refund. Ending the video, she said: “Because what? My mistake.” 

People were mortified on her behalf and took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

One person wrote: “It’s so uneven!!!” as another said: “This cannot be real. I’m so sorry”.

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A third shared: “A cut without a style? That’s an option? Did you go to Supercuts?!?” 

While a fourth added: “i shouldnt laugh but this had me screaming, actually crying with laughter”. 

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