I was told my dad was dead for 31 years but I knew something wasn’t right… four months ago I finally found out the truth | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share the incredible story of how she found her missing father after 31 years. 

Sharnee, known online as @sharnee.xo, had been told by her family that her biological father was dead. 

But after years of research and a late-night search on social media, the mum from New Zealand managed to find the man she thinks might be her father. 

During a recent TikTok video, she shares the first conversation between her and her dad. 

“This is exactly how I found my dad… after being told he was unalive for all of 31 years…” 

Sharnee started the conversation on Facebook Messenger, writing: “Hi, this is a random question and apologise for intruding. Did you travel to New Zealand in 1990?” 


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Her father replied: “Hiya. How you doing? Yes, lived there twice, Sharnee. Who are you?”

Later in the conversation, Sharnee writes: “This is going to sound super odd. And very personal, but I need to ask. 

“When you were living here, Christchurch/New Zealand. Did you sleep with any women? 

“My mother, who I deeply and dearly love has given me your name and so I’ve done years and years and years of research and you fit all these descriptions. 

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“I’m so very sorry that this all seems very strange!” 

The two end up sharing details about Sharnee’s mother, confirming that he could be her father. 

He explained that he had been in New Zealand in 1990 and often bumped into Sharnee’s mum on nights out. 

He claims the two were never in a relationship, but he did know her and her son, Mikal.  

Sharnee shared her reaction with her dad, adding: “This is all so so crazy, so so crazy. 

“I’m shaking, I’m crying. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.”

Their heartwarming story attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 546,000 likes and 11.5 million views, 

Now Sharnee has opened a Give A Little page to help raise the money needed to fly over and meet him over in the UK. 

On the fundraising page, she wrote: “Help me meet my dad! 

“Let me meet my dad, for the very first time.

“I feel weird doing this, but there would be absolutely no way I could potentially afford to meet this man and do DNA by myself! 

She added: “I grew up all of my life being told he wasn't alive, I knew I just knew something wasn't right. 

“Something was off, I've spent years, months, weeks, days, hours looking for said man.

“I've applied 6x for Lost & Found TV show, with no such luck.

“All I had was a name, and was told he was absolutely sports mad. That's all I had. Family knew nothing, nothing at all.

“One night, just 4 ish months ago I just thought I'd look his name up on social media, with a common name I thought this would be absolutely impossible to find, I mean what if he was dead?

“Anyway, I stumbled across this page and scrolled through to find everything was sports, sports, sports, lived in Christchurch 1990, so I just bit the bullet and messaged him. To find out it's HIM!!! 

“And, he had absolutely no idea about me, at all. NOTHING

“I need to meet this man, do DNA with this man and start making memories with this man. 

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“I have young children that could be his grandchildren, he has other children that could be my siblings. Please help.”

More than 40 people have already donated, raising £1,216 in just six days.

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