I wear size 16 jeans but people call me a ‘Goddess’ for my amazing ab lines – here’s how I get them | The Sun

A WOMAN has insisted she’s proof weight looks different on everyone as she’s 84 kilograms (185 pounds)  and is labelled a ‘Goddess’ for her incredible ab lines. 

Hannah Barry calls herself a gym girl and even has an online fitness coaching business, where she helps people “achieve their goals”. 

The blonde beauty has previously spoken about how she went from 95 kilograms (209 pounds) to 60kg (132 pounds) after embarking on her gym journey. 

But she’s since gone up to 84 kg (185 pounds), which has allowed her to stay lean while gaining muscle. 

In an Instagram post, she explained: “My personal journey was a very low amount of self esteem & confidence.

“Combined with 10 years of yo-yo dieting leaving me with a very emotional/binge relationship with food.” 

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Now that she’s healed her relationship with food and fitness, Hannah uses her platform to normalise the idea of weight looking different on everyone. 

In one clip, she could be seen dressed in a white strapless crop top and white underwear as she put on a pair of jeans. 

“These jeans are a UK 16,” she told viewers. “Clothes are made to fit your body. You’re not made to fit a certain clothing size.” 

Meanwhile, in a second clip, she told viewers how she was able to achieve her incredible physique – including her abs.

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She said: “I weigh 84 kilograms and I’m 5’ 10’’ and when I stopped measuring all of my worth and progression on based off what the scales told me and trying to shrink myself down to just be as tiny as possible.

“That’s when I started making progress.”

And in a third, she said: “Weight looks different on EVERYONE”. 

People tend to agree with her too as Tikok user @hannahbarryuk is often gushed over by her followers. 

“Goddiisss,” one person commented on her video, alongside a heart emoji, as another chimed: “Goddess.” 

A third shared: “This is a certified muscle mommy moment,” to which she replied: “Hahahaha day made”. 

And others shared their own weight as one said: “I’m 5’9 and 81kg (178 pounds). Gym girlie with muyscles as well… Thank you!!!!!!” 

A second said: “So good to hear, as someone who gyms a lot and is a tall strong girl 84kg too, who also finally stopped basing my success on the scales.” 

While a third said: “You are the first person that has close to the same measurement as me. I’m 6’0 and 180lb. This makes me feel better I’m nervous about eating more”. 


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Meanwhile, one gym girl has shared the exercise that grew her glutes the most and said she now has a “bubble butt”. 

And another woman shared her own glute gains as people tell her she’s “unreasonably perfect”.

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